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Joel Jacobson is a Nutrition Investigator, Energy Mastery Practitioner and Healer. Born and raised in the hills of the upper Galilee in northern Israel, he now fulfills himself in San Francisco, California. Joel received training as a course instructor while in military service, which he gladly completed, and has extensive experience in course formatting and delivery. The material Joel teaches guides a person on discovering the interconnectivity of karmic law within the field of nutrition, and successive application of tools he provides allows an increase of performance in all aspects of life. Ahava (Love in Hebrew) is the only answer.

"I am a nutritional investigator. I became interested in researching nutrition because people around me were unable to give me complete and up-to-date information on various subjects relating to nutrition.

I worked at an Organic Supermarket and Supplements in a northern town in Israel, where I had plenty of Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine practitioners around me to quench my thirst for knowledge and understanding. However, it has become clear to me after a while that they lack knowledge and because I was dependent on them for it, I found myself a couple of times in a awkward and then frustrating situation, when I relayed like a robot what I have heard from someone else. I felt embarrassed and ashamed that clients in the store asked questions that I was led to believe were simple to answer, and later found to be incomplete or incorrect.

Thus began my journey of exploring the internet database. I began with a search here and a search there. First about milk and then about vitamin D. Until I stumbled upon Dr. Joseph Mercola's website, mercola.com, and struck a gold mind. I found it to be the most enriching source of nutritional information that can be found on the internet, ever. The topics, the deep and candid explanations and descriptions. I was hooked. For months I read his articles and felt educated and for months I expanded my knowledge with UC Berkeley whole course semesters they were offering online, on youtube, for free.

I read and read until I felt confident I understood the subject or issue. I then felt this re-occurring urge to tell others and share this fantastic knowledge. I began by posting "notes" on facebook in an article form that attracted attention and interest. I continued a few more articles until I felt I needed something more then the facebook interface, and so I formed my first blogpost account with google blogger. And so I began to record my collection of investigations and offered them for free to anyone.

My interest in the beginning to write a blog only in Hebrew was because the English speakers had Dr. Mercola to get their information from. I continued to read and write until I suddenly evolved, when I discovered my next internet gold mine - The US National Library of Medicine aka pubmed. I had hit a wall that was twice my height, and to conquer it I had to learn how to read scientific literature well enough to understand what was being said.

Soon enough I began writing extensive articles and uncovering studies that were berried deep in the archives, away from public interest. Like a journalist, I began a topic either through a Mercola article or a Wikipedia article and then I was able to figure out what key words I should type in in order to bring up a related study on the subject. I was able to follow a lead, just like an investigator, and after giving myself enough time for the information to settle and then ferment, I was able to publish articles about various untouched subjects. 

One of the subjects that I came across had to do with our ancestral diet. I learned all about the Paleolithic diet and I wrote a simple article on that subject. I thought that was it and I continued onto other subjects, like probiotic bacteria. My first encounter with researching on Celiac disease opened me to the connection between agricultural adopted dietary food and inflammation of the gut. I soon recognized that man-made or man-manipulated food harms the body because the body is not adapted to digesting it. Come to think about it, agriculture has been around for less then 1% of human evolution. 99% of our body has evolved through natural selection based on the nutrition our ancestor consumed.

Placing that aside for awhile, I moved to California on my journey to expand my connection with the Organic and Nutritional world. I began by joining my twin brother on the farm he was volunteering at. There I first encountered Heirloom vegetables. I was mesmerized. Such variety, where did it all disappear to? I soon found a book that led me on my next part of my journey. Bionutrition by Dr. Ray Strand, which clearly presents evidence, backed by clinical studies, about free radicals and their role in degenerative illnesses and the benefits of antioxidants. I went right back to investigating and writing, compiling a few good articles about Free Radicals and Antioxidants, CoQ10, Homocysteine and LDL oxidation. 

Things were starting to make sense. I began thinking on a whole new level and definitely out of the box. I realized that antioxidants are molecular machinery that are able to carry and donate an electrical charge, and because our cells have innate antioxidants (e.g. Glutathione), I decided to coin the whole concept "The Subatomic Defense System". I recognized that plants and animal cells require adequate Subatomic Defenses in order to protect the organelles inside cells, as well as the cells membrane, DNA etc. What more, plants have their own Subatomic Defense System to protect themselves from UV light and help with the electron transporting mechanism associated with photosynthesis. 

The bigger revelation, that many underestimate and neglect is the origin of the electrical charge this molecular machinery acquires it from. Scientist were able to explain that the Sun charges up the Ionosphere via solar wind and ejecta, and in turn the Ionosphere charges up the ground via lightning. This electrical charge, they refer to as Free Electrons, conducts through our skin and replenishes our entire body. Other studies have shown how antioxidants can replenish other antioxidants, like Vitamin C replenishes Vitamin E (both antioxidants).

Soon I formed an understanding that there are 3 major defenses for the body. The Subatomic Defense system, which strengthens the Intracellular Defense System, i.e. Immune System cells, and there is the Extra Cellular Defense System (Probiotics). I call it my perspective of the three physical defenses of the body in the physical realm.

At some point I figured I should compile a list of Inflammation promoting food and Inflammation solving food and publish it. It was a sensation. It was also my connection back to the Paleolithic diet, as all Inflammation promoting foods stem from agricultural practices of growing cereal grains and legumes, domesticating livestock and milk casein mutation, and refined sugars. To add to this, the last 100 years had introduced vegetable oils high in unstable fatty acids (omega 6) and processed & fast food. Amazingly, people who abstain from them regain their health.

I, myself, was able to avoid a root canal by dropping grains experimentally. I was willing to take the chance. I wasn't about to live my life with metal drilled into my maxilla in order to save my tooth. The worst thing that could happen, I would have it yanked out. Proved for myself that something good can come out of quitting grains.

From mid June 2013 to August 2014 I had been a student in the Avatar Energy Mastery Institute, where I was exposed to techniques and revelations on human electromagnetic phenomena and anatomy. My extensive comprehension of nutrition, mainstream and esoteric, has been an aid in formatting a holistic all-encompassing theory on human physiology and nourishment.

Today I am a teacher and instructor in the online Self Mastery univesity called Evolved Ministry. It allows me a platform, from where I can guide anyone on a journey to comprehending nutritional wisdom and how to gain it themselves."

The responsibility is in your hands.
To your health!

With love and respect,
Joel D. Jacobson


  1. Brilliant...
    I love how feeling ignorant in the store led U to be a real savior today!
    Thanks for sharing this so genuinely.
    Big Up Joel.

    1. Thank you. That is high praise, I am but a bearer of water and a mirror to the subconscious.