Sunday, October 19, 2014

Interconnectivity of Spiritual and Physical Detoxification

The physical body must be encouraged to clean itself out of stored toxins from foods we had long ago consumed. Weaning off of sugar and many other addictions is tough, but through a detoxifying program and period of time, one reduces his cravings for particular acid forming foods. Detoxifying is sort of like fasting, but guiding your body to recover from the awakening nerves to the cravings of dormancy. The sleeping nerves in your body are numb due to food consumption, and in particular the acid diets out there (bread, pasta, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine etc. etc. etc.)

To understand the interconnectivity of Body and Mind in the aspect of rage, one finds that literature always refers to rage and anger originate from the Liver.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The ART of Soaking Nuts and Seeds

Prior to the agricultural revolution man had lived in a state of hunting and gathering, much of which is still seen in tribal cultures tucked away far from public interaction. Like the Kitava, studied by Staffan Lindeberg, who live in perfect health and live long lives. The Paleo diet, coming from the word Paleolithic, describes a type of diet that man had prior to the agricultural revolution, prior to the point in our history that introduced grains and legumes and forced man to work the earth. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The benefit of RAW food

If you choose to eat food out of necessity for your health, and you have been on plenty of food fad diets but had never felt satisfied, it might be because your food choices are dead and what your body strongly resonates with is live and living food to strengthen your life urges.

RAW is a natural state of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds as well as meat and fish. Even though meat and fish you may consider eating cooked, there are many benefits in eating them raw, as cooking is applying heat to molecular structures that disfigure their protein pattern and render many vitamins and enzymes from functioning properly.

The only source of meat that I would ever recommend a person to consume raw is pastured raised meat. Why? Because this is meat that had come from a living animal who has had a fulfilling life, filled with harmonious moments with natural landscapes and an evolutionary diet, of which supplied the animal with life strengthening urges. Urges that are imprinted into the cellular memory and imparted on the one who consumes it, as s/he inherits the state of food the moment it enters its body.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Accessing Nourishment through Altered State of Consciousness

Written by Joel D. Jacobson

This article presents an ancient form of nourishment for our physical bodies as well as for our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, which is offered to those with an open mind..

When it comes to learning about brains, and in particular brain waves, people often tend to lose interest in the information regarding the subject. Good thing this isn't going to be an article about our brain, but fortunately for you it will give you tremendous comprehension on the metaphysical nourishment of accessing altered states of consciousness. 

If you have smoked cannabis, like I definitely had, you have certainly experienced an altered state of consciousness while under the influence. If you had tried the amazonian brew Ayahuasca or the psychedelic mushroom psilocybin, then you had taken further exploration into your basic and natural capacity of accessing and experiencing altered states of consciousness. 

Using these organic and spirit-filled plants to naturally induce a change in perception, a breakdown of mental and emotional barriers and to strengthen our innate spiritual connectedness to all, which turns out to be a wonderful usage of your time in your attempt at charting the unknown to you, so it can become known. Through it lots of wisdom can be gained that may help you learn how to be a better person and treat others kindly. Unfortunately, these plants only give you snippets of what you are capable of reproducing on your own, and so they only serve as a tool. 

The underlying effect these plants induce is a tuning of your sense of spacial perception by slowing down the vibrations of your brain waves. Like attracts like, and so, if you are in a beta brain wave you will experience the equivalent lifestyle. The moment you improve your lifestyle, your brain wave pattern changes.

Found in Jasmuheen's book "Divine Nutrition: The Food of Gods" is an illuminating description of divine nourishment by learning what the different brain waves are, and what techniques can aid in adjusting yourself to nourish off of a Theta - Delta lifestyle. She is a breatharian, which means, she has given up consumption of material food and drink, and lives solely on love and light that are accessible through the Theta - Delta wave lifestyle. I highly recommend owning a copy, in case you become hungry for more information after reading this article. 

The Different Brain Waves

Society, what a busy model it represents in the 21st century. Fortunately, describing the Beta brain wave is easy as plenty of us have or even still experience it. This is a brain wave pattern of 30 to 14 cycles per second and those who operate in its zone experience poverty, violence, social injustice, emotional highs and emotional lows, and is generally a field of man-made, self inflicted chaos. 

This brain wave pattern - Beta field - is promoted by TV, social networking like Facebook, institutionalized schools and government policies. It is where victim consciousness thrives, traumas are created and stored without proper healing and release, and our basic struggle for survival suffocates our passion for life.

"The Alpha brain wave, is a field that beats at 13 to 8 cycles per second. The Alpha field reveals the Zen of Life, allowing us down time, to chill out and re-set the direction of our life, to assess the imbalances and re-address them hopefully for the good of all. Time in the Alpha zone improves our health and happiness levels and is step one in the direct and conscious feeding of our soul."

Theta and Delta brain waves are deeper wave patterns that will be touched upon in a sequel to this article. Taking steps, in first getting familiar with the Alpha field by learning to access it regularly will eventually lead to natural Theta - Delta access.

"The first field control tool that we have is our attitude, where we change our mind set by asking: do we wish to absorb or do we wish to radiate? As every living thing radiates energy, when we absorb these energies indiscriminately from the world our inner field key-note changes - sometimes in a way that nurtures us and sometimes in a way that drains us - and it is up to us to choose how we wish to be affected and what we wish to absorb." [Quote from page 33] 

As far as I understand, and in my honest opinion, moving from the Beta field to Alpha field and consequently satisfying a fragment of our hunger, is solely up to our attitude we choose to hold at this NOW moment.

When we are in the beta field we hunger for everything. We hunger for success in the business world, we hunger for acceptance in society, we hunger for appreciation by friends and family, we hunger to fill up this void inside of us that is not physical, but rather a hunger of the spirit. The hunger for wholeness and union. The action itself, of placing food inside our body is an unconscious act of attempting to attain union with the material in our possession. It is just like that saying a lover would say to its partner "I love you so much, I just want to eat you up!".

Have you felt content in your life? When you felt that all life is simple and the first thing you choose to do is go out for a journey in search of a stream, so you can feel surrounded by nature in the living forest of life.

An attitude like that sheds a hefty amount of baggage off your shoulders and back. Has you feeling like walking barefoot from now on and forever, as the feeling of earth nourishes your feet.

"A person who meditates every day has far greater sensitivity to and capacity to magnetize the Alpha - Theta - Delta waves than someone who constantly engages in Beta field activities and is never in stillness." [Quote from page 34]

"A beta field person can increase their capacity to see, hear, feel and be nourished by the gifts of the other zones through a simple change in lifestyle that includes meditation, mind mastery and maybe even yoga." [Quote from page 34]

I believe enough has been said and described pertaining the Beta field, Alpha field and how to improve your lifestyle by satisfying basic inner hungers. It begins with tuning inwards and asking questions, like: "Who am I? Where am I going in life? What am I? how do I improve my communication with my spirit?" Questions like those help access Alpha field nourishment, though it is when you start accessing Theta - Delta fields that you receive answers and soul satiety.

And finally, a quote worth sharing:
"Perhaps too much intellectual knowledge
may bind the door of our heart."
[Quote from page 37]

Here is a Alpha wave youtube link:

>>> to PART 2 - Establishing Nourishment through Altered States of Consciousness


I am a teacher at Evolved Ministry Online University for Self Mastery.
Knowledge is worth learning if it can be demonstrated.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to my Blog!

'Although, no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can start now and make a new end.' - Chico Xavier.
I am happy to welcome you to my life's dedication. I am on a marvelous journey in understanding my life, and it began about 3 years ago. I had figured out that I am passionate in helping others and in self improving myself endlessly. I had gained a lot of wisdom, one of which is simple, that if I want to learn how to heal others, I must first learn how to heal myself. When I took this approach, my life urges strengthened and I began first by scrutinizing the physical aspect of nutrition.

I believe that I am the ultimate experimenter and my body is the only true and honest laboratory. In that rests my energy body, which is represented physically by the nervous system, and the many expressions of my organs that function in unison in order to provide me a crystal clear and joyous ride in the playground of life. Life is simple, and is meant to be enjoyed. With healthy habits, that can only be acquired through gathering knowledge, pondering on it and putting it to the test, I extend the quality of life into reality.

Usually people start with reading books; completions and collections of and by an author. Then get enough of a big picture, to start reading the fine print on their own. What I did, was I diligently read and reread terms and results, on many different studies, ranging from animal tests and human tests. Some were also done on plants, in order to assess their antioxidant capacities. My focus was to get online data, and my story in full can be found here.

Today, I live in the Bay Area of California in America, and have been sharing my thoughts on the data to many people. I can talk about Mitochondrial Nutrition, Bacterial Nutrition, Molecular Nutrition, and Spiritual Nutrition (which include emotional nutrition and mental nutrition).

If you have seen one of my presentations or like what you read here, and want to invite me to speak about my findings, please contact me.