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Free Electrons from the Ground

Have you gone mad? why are you wearing shoes?! to block the free electrons you can get from the earth? have you no sense?!?! wake up! those free electrons have been proved by science to replenish your subatomic defense system (i.e. antioxidants).
Science has established that there are indeed molecular machines that can carry and donate an electrical charge. Every cell, plant and animal, have developed an enzyme responsible for keeping the free radicals or reactive oxygen species at bay. 
What seems to happen, is that the Mitochondria, an organelle and the power house of the cell, creates reactive oxygen species as a by-product of cell respiration. These reactive species are violent, as they are missing an electron on their outer shell, which causes them to snatch electrons from existing structures. This essentially causes the structure to collapse, driving a cascade of events leading to gene expression of an inflammatory response.
However, antioxidants that are created by the cell can donate an electron to the reactive radical, thus neutralizing it's violent nature. These are antioxidants like Coenzyme Q10, which are created by organelles like the Mitochondria for the purpose of creating ATP energy in a process called Electron Transport Chain. Transporting electrons can be achieved by specialized enzymes, just like CoQ10. Other known antioxidants are Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase and more.
Vitamin C and E are known antioxidants as well. Vitamin C is water soluble, so it can be found to travel freely in the bloodstream. On the other hand, vitamin E is fat soluble, and it requires fat for transport and as an environment to reside. Vitamin E is found in LDL particles and cell membranes, where it is responsible to protect the zone under it's molecular interactions. Vitamin C has been observed to replenish vitamin E. This exchange of electrical charge between antioxidants is natural.
What scientists, like Dr. Sinatra and Dr. Oschman, have observed; is that prolonged inflammation is a consequence of our disconnection from the stream of 'Free Electrons' from the ground. It appears, that the sun's solar wind or flares charge up the ionosphere, and in turn, the ionosphere charges up the ground via lightning. There is always a connection between the heavens and the earth, continuous lightning events occur all over the planet. 
To think about it. We have been disconnected from the ground, and we find a lot of support from consuming food that has electrically charged antioxidants. Vegetables, fruits, herbs and animals; all have antioxidants and all have a connection to the ground. We simply eat them to get what we essentially can get from walking barefoot. The question is, can this be applied daily? Will this justify reducing the amount of plant matter we consume in favor of eating more fat and protein? We certainly run better on fat then on carbohydrates. 
The data reveals, that walking on moist soil or grass is best, because of the higher conductivity. Our skin conducts, and standing on the moist soil or grass for 30 minutes has the ability to replenish all the tissues in the body; from feet to head. I spend at least 30 minutes a day barefoot, and by the time I'm done I can definitely feel a lightness in every organ in my body. My brain feels it usually towards the end of the 30 minutes. However, keep in mind that RF (Radio Frequencies), which have been observed to disrupt Mitochondria function, can cause a few minutes of a slight headache (a consequence of cellphone radiation and wifi).
In conclusion, antioxidants are molecular machines that can carry and donate an electrical charge. The soil is electrically charged by a series of events, originating from the sun, and these free electrons are ubiquitous and in reach of all lifeforms. Connecting to the earth replenishes the entire bodies electrical charge, which has an effect on blood viscosity (turning it from a red ketchup to red wine, like Dr. Sinatra likes to put it), rapidly heals wounds and helps with stress and sleep. 
Be sure to walk barefoot, at least once a day.

Dr. James Oschman on Energy Medicine

PhD James Oschman Quantum biology 011

Dr. James Oschman Discusses Earthing or Grounding [interview by Dr. Mercola]

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[Can free electrons act as antioxidants? Dr. James Oshman Review]

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[In the study there is a list of benefits from exposing your skin to energy from the earth]

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[In a recent study, July 2012, the power of free electrons from the earth has shown to reduce the sticking of blood cells to each other, what promotes health issues and particularly atherosclerosis]

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