Saturday, January 26, 2013

Progress to Mastering Nutrition

   I know that this information isn't knew to many of you. Grains, milk, mostly sugar, cause a horrible environment inside your physical body. What have you done to shack the horrible nature of this cultural brainwash? have you taken measures to change your diet? have you taken measures to inform others? 

   Reality is a funny thing; the more you talk about something, the more you make it a reality. Sugar is toxic, and if you read my articles, you know it to be true. We don't simply see people become obese, insulin resistant, sick and die. They are eating food that come in a deadly form, that causes a spick in the sugar index in the bloodsteam,. This alerts the system that something is wrong, mostly in the form of oxidation and inflammatory stress. 

   A signal does travel to the brain, which interprets it as a set of commands. Send help! Need building blocks to form molecular machines! The brain utilizes the rest of the bodies multicellular machines, i.e. the organs, to develop enzymes for protection (Insulin from the Pancreas) and building blocks for quality (cholesterol from the liver). Cells can create cholesterol, but under stress they require organs to direct their mechanisms that are turned on when the inflammatory response goes off. 

   When you are injured, in any kind of way, the inflammatory response kicks in. This is done utilizing Omega 6 and Omega 3. They are fats in the cell wall, and they are sensitive to oxidation (unlike saturated fat). We can observe that oxidation happens easily when heat is applied to polyunsaturated fatty acids - omega 3 and omega 6. The oxidation of them switchs on a mechanism of inflammation by creation of proteins, that activate a cascade of molecular interactions of which changes gene expression. 

    This sudden expression of genes, has been studied by the Epigenetic field of research, a field that emerged from the Human Genome Project. Applying classical perspectives into it is futile, as DNA, molecules and their behaviors are a projection of a quantum mechanical perspective. Classical mechanics view reality as a physical object, while quantum mechanics adds multiple realities to this observed object. 

    You are essentially looking at a fabric of space, inhabited by signal changes. Who is signaling this? Epigenetic research reveals, that the behavior of cells are, by Epigenetic perspective, influenced by thought, emotions and your behavior in the physical dimension. Nutrition is a science of observation. You lack the language of observation, you lack the connection to that field. 

   We all want to be multidimensional beings, knowing many things and leaving life out in many areas, pursuing passions and pleasures. However, we seldom do wake up to a passion that entitles us with knowledgeable powers of healing. When we find the right field of our choice, we find that we can make a difference, not in our world, but in our many worlds. The many faces we see everyday. The many faces we remember, that we have waiting at their home, and the many faces that we get to meet later on, because of the efforts we placed in sharing our knowledge and time.

    The state of the matter is, that nutrition is on your mind one time or another. And when it does, it has been set confused, and that confuses your body. The essence of the story goes, if we believe in evolution, that the nature of our nutrition is based fundamentally on our ancestral diet. This truth, when taken in, raises questions, as to what they ate and how is that compared to today?

   If you are western, you are eating based upon the pyramid sceam. This can be traced back to the advent of agriculture, when pyramids were built by gods and these advance civilizations taught the forgetful human how to reap the benefits from grains and legumes, after the flood. This forgetfulness of humans, of the nature of their food, is largely based upon the sudden disappearance of large mammals at the end of the Pleistocene, about 12,000 years ago[a]. 

    Many cultures refer to this time of inundation. Many accounts of the same story; of an ark that saved many animal species. And then a recording system of progression of human kind too and their cryptic origin. The proof, can be found in the many cultures around the world, all can reach your ears if you ask to hear. You can also find it in Michael Wynn's "The Soul Travelers" on youtube at the first 20 minutes.

The state of the mind, is the importance of nutrition from a point of view of our fundamental adaptation, of our molecular machines, to certain substances. The life force we reap from certain sources of food. The Plant Kingdom is our purifier and connection to healing and purity of self, while the Animal Kingdom is our empowerment and connection to self realization and separation. As our quantum world suggests, we are all connected but it requires faith, and devotion, found in the human kingdom.

    We are the protectors of this planet. The ruling conscious vehicles, and both our Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are falling apart. Call it global warming, call it climate crisis. The climate crisis is inside of you. The crisis is an illusion. As, so far it has been shown by many, that once you utilize the environment for your gain, personally but for a humane and collective effort, you free yourself from ultimately destroying it. Adopting agriculture has substituted our source of protein and fat, that we used to get from animals.

    Meat is a dense nutrient source. We were able to develop a brain, as big as we had and now have, because of the prevalence of nutrients a carnivore requires in order to remain on top of the food chain. Yes, this food source makes us predators, but we can be humane predators, by raising our cattle in a humane way. This also insures, evidently, that our food source has a meat composition that best supplies our many enzymes and higher functional defenses.

   Inflammation is a defense mechanism of the cell. Where signals for enforcement and fortification of the area in question, are sent to the brain, which in turn supplies by mobilizing organs to keep up with the demand. However, faulty nutrition results in a poor response and death of tissue. Sugar oxidizes certain substances easier then others and insulin is sent to defend the intracellular environment. Insulin shuts down the livers ability to create stable energy homeostasis through proteins, as a response to the spike in sugar in the blood following a sugary meal. Simple sugars, complex carbohydrates, it's the same thing, same effect. Insulin defends the bloodstream environment and exposed arterial cells to sugars toxic effects, when in high amounts, by shuttling it into hungry cells until their satiated, and when they're full, insulin converts it into fat. Cholesterol is oxidized, because cholesterol is an antioxidant in a sense. Part of the cell membrane, part of the LDL particle as well as the HDL. Both are more prone for oxidation on a high carbohydrate diet and low-saturated fat diet. Since a fatty diet adds this essential building block to the cholesterol dependent molecular machinery in your cells, some of the complimentary mechanisms of cellular health requires cholesterol's special properties. Specifically since your neurons in your brain and nervous system are coated, basically, with this property.

 Macrophages that come to clean oxidized cholesterol, in the form of LDL particles, exhibit over time a degradation in their own defenses to the sugary environment, which causes them to rupture and form plaques in the arterial walls. The high oxidizing environment is essentially causing our immune cells difficulties in cleaning up the mess, that sugar started.

The opiate properties of sugar numb our sensation to our body's sensations, of pain signaling and more. It encourages addiction, of the self, causing dependance on a substance. We experience depression on it, we experience constipation on it. It finds it's way to affect the physical body's state of sensation, that numbs ourselves to the environment. When we abstain from it, we can smell the toxicity of sugar, and also the pain in it's direct consumption. The pain of a million cells being oxidized by a fierce environment promoted by sugars instability.

A spike of sugar, equals a spike in insulin - The protector of cells from sugars adverse effects in high quantities. Take insulin on a carbohydrate diet, and you relieve yourself of excessive pain. Abstain from carbohydrates, and you are on an ancestral diet. Which is, in retrospect, been a diet that is full of health benefits beyond a skeptics dream. 

Find out for yourself. 
Eat fatty food. 
Feel good.

Joel D. Jacobson

[a] Biol Rev Camb Philos Soc. 1991 Nov;66(4):453-562. Mammalian extinctions in the late Pleistocene of northern Eurasia and North America. Stuart AJ.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Vision of the Perfect Human Being

Evolution - a concept that makes more and more sense when you investigate diseases and the methods used to cure them. It has been 2.5 million years, since the first species we recognize as human, has walked up right, used stone tools and gorged himself, or herself, on animals. Plants were prevalent and ubiquitous in the marshlands and parries of the bio-diversified nature on planet Earth. This same planet, that revolves around a source of light and life which travels across the galactic plain in its own cycle, has been home to many species of animals. Some are gone now, actually, a lot of them are gone and disappearing due to neglect by a dominant species of intellectual animals.

The disappearance of the diversity of life is replaced by the diversity of races within one species. Humans today place too much thought and consideration in what they see, and those who remain attached to the tube (i.e. television) are relaying on information constructed by mere opinion. The real change in life on planet Earth began with the practice of agriculture, that utilizes animals as a work force and pushes them off the land. Land that once teemed with life, from the biodiversity of bacterial populations symbiotically living with plants to the livestock that would flip the soil and fertilize it. 

Agriculture suddenly appeared, and there are no explanation on how and why humans suddenly decided to deviate from their natural blueprint and adopt technology that certainly does not mimic nature. When you think about it, if you live your entire life in an environment that teaches diversity and everyone around you were hunters or gathers in an established norm of expressing reality and their inherited knowledge, how does one go about intentionally collecting seeds and planting crops? how does one suddenly, after growing up with animals and hunting animals, decides to build fences to ward off animals and even cage them? to destroy the land for planting a single crop and steal the animals milk, that is intended for its offspring's development?

The mystery of agriculture is rooted in the mystery of the human race. Agriculture was a "revolution" started 10,000-12,000 years ago, which is less then 1 percent of human evolution. The human race begins with the Homo Erectus, when the brain developed to a size that allowed an intellectual capacity that propelled expression of creativity and dominance. Humans numbers were scarce but the developing skills of communication helped shape tribes and eventually civilizations that built several pyramid structures in scattered but geometrically coordinated locations on a global scale. 

The end of the paleolithic era heralded a drastic change in the human diet. The brain and nervous system, dependent on fatty sources of food as an essential building block, thrived on a condense nutrient source of animal fat and protein. The muscle was a good source of intake, however the many organs of the body were a delicacy that traditional cultures carry until today. As the oceans are so vast and the diversity of marine life was great as the diversity of life on land, fish were caught and feasted upon for their fatty content. Nuts and seeds were gathered, fruits and vegetables were too. The seasons offered a variety that sustained itself, with minimal input by any animal.

So, grazing was always done and you can be sure that animals graze and move on. They only keep picking at their food and overgrazing when they are caged in a small space. The human being has evolutionarily developed on an ecosystem that replenishes itself, and with a fast growing intellect for observing and recording by heart, it could easily stay on top of the food chain and utilize the plant kingdom and animal kingdom for more than just survival. Words had no meaning, as their were no boundaries between them and nature. Only the animals today bleat, bark or miyawo to express their frustration with humans incapability to communicate on an animal level.

Have we surpassed animals or have we lost our ability to co-experience life with them? The emotional attachment we used to have with other beings were replaced by emotional attachments to inanimate objects. We lost our perspective of life, lied to by the opinion that bodies age as quickly as they do today. Our perception of reality is largely built upon the holographic interface that spans in our immediate sensory vicinity. We hold more of a mental image of our experience, associating it with a personality that we see others construct for us, and the food we eat stimulates our mental centers while depressing our emotional sensation. We want to be happy, but we are kept thinking of happiness rather then simply and perpetually expressing it unconditionally.

Agriculture has made certain opiate chemicals a daily nutritional supplement that depresses our grip of our higher body's sensory capabilities. Grains make holes in our stomachs, milk is a potent opiate stimulant and sugar drives our addiction for a bottomless pit of satiety. A human being today is numb to his potential in life, is numb to the cage he's in and numb to the state of emotions he carries and that others express to him or in his presence. A human being loses this basic language with the world around him when he eats grains, milk and sugar. He neglects his responsibilities and resorts to a life of selfishness, because he experiences too much pressure from issues around him that he would normally care to fix when he is sober.

While the ocean is polluted and plastic bags are still being sold, or while paper is sold as living beings are chopped down, the average human being thinks that an average human being is suppose to live between four walls and pay taxes for a corporation that neglects insuring its health and instead subsidizes industries of pollution. Have human beings been living in a dark age for 12,000 years?

The concept of god exists. The traits of god are attributed to noble man. Compassion, caring, loving, accepting, diversity, creativity, abundance, giving. Many grow up within a religious mindset of a powerful being separate from us, but is with us at all times. If he created the world and created you, he must also have created your awareness and experience, and has been with you for eternity, because he is you. The concept of gods or of godly beings can be found in greek mythology and esoteric stories. The misunderstanding of others as superior or inferior then you is your own imagination and lack of self appreciation.

Can you say that you remember experiencing any other life other then the one you are experiencing right now? Human beings are magnificent creatures, as they are the evolutionary vessel adapted to express higher levels of consciousness. Call it consciousness or call it intellect. Try to fathom how atoms intelligently make relationships to form the building blocks of life. Our planet is a living ecosystem of diverse life, and we are it's constituents. Our brain and DNA transmit and receive on all frequencies, does that make us walking antennas? Are we the caretakers of a mothership - a planet speeding through space and time locked in a friendship and a community of planets around a sun?

The vision of the perfect human being begins with its self realization of divinity and service to the planet. He stands united with all forms of life, promoting an ecosystem that benefits the health of this mothership. If it desires to deviate from her blueprint, then he must be prepared to build his own ship and set sail. The perfect human being lets animals roam free so they can feed for their health and replenish the soil. He would plant food in his front lawn and mobilize others to seek truth and justice for the ways of a planet that pulsates its consciousness through its constituents.

We are the planet's expression on our plain of existence. We are surely built from the materials that circulate on it for eons and eons of time. Our nutrition is based upon practices dated back a long time ago and we can thank our ancestors for that.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Food that Numb your Brain

Our brains have opioid receptors, and when activated cause a opium type of effect. Chemicals that activate it range from Morphine, Heroin, Dopamine and more[1]. This causes a reduction in your perception of pain, in your response to pain and increases your ability to withstand pain. Side effects are relaxation, depression of breathing, constipation, strong feeling of euphoria and dependance[2].

It appears that certain food we consume form small chains of proteins when digested in the gut, that have opioid properties. Wheat, Milk and Sugar.

All three of these staple foods are recently new in our human body's diet. As a species, we have a 2.5 million years of nutritional evolution through natural selection. Only 10,000-12,000 years ago we began agricultural practices that advocate consumption of cereal grains and legumes, domesticating livestock for milk and extracting refined sugar. These were in our diet for less then 1% of our evolution, and moreover, vegetable oils and processed foods are even more recent additions spanning only 100 years.

About Wheat
Gluten is a known issue, correlated with formation of Celiac disease. However, many don't know about gluten's constituent, gliadin (a prolamin), that breaks down in the gut into a 7 amino acid chain called Gliadorphin or Gluteomorphin. It has opioid properties and has been shown to activate 3 areas in the brain associated with reward center and opium sensation[3]

About Milk
Beta-casein is a hidden issue from the public, and has been correlated with the formation of Autism, Schizophrenia[4] and Child Diabetes[5]

About 5,000 years ago there was a mutation in livestock breeds, especially Holstein cows, that changed the Beta-casein amino chain slightly. A change in one amino acid had made the protein weaker in a section of its chain, that consequently while digesting in the gut it breaks down into a 7 amino acid peptide called β-casomorphin-7 (BCM7). This has opioid properties as well, but compared to Gliadorphin, BCM7 has been shown to activate 45 areas in the brain associated with opium[3].

That is 15 times more potent then the Opiate compound derived from wheat!

About Sugar
Sugar has been shown to be toxic in the blood stream, that is why Insulin is secreted, to mitigate the toxic effect by opening cells to receive the sugar (like glucose) or convert it into fat for storage in fat cells. Glucose has been shown to accelerate LDL oxidation[6].

Glucose has been shown to to activate opioid receptors in the brain when taken in excess[7]. It has been observed that animals can become sugar-dependent with withdrawal symptoms[8][9] as well as humans[10]
Refined sugar, like table sugar (i.e. sucrose), is easily taken up by the gut as it is a simple sugar. However, complex carbohydrates found in grains are also sugars, but require the work of digestion to break them down into simple sugars. Only then can they be absorbed into the blood stream. That is why bread and pasta can cause an insulin response. Whole grains slow the absorption of the sugars because of the fiber that the digestive enzymes have to break down as well.

What to make for all this?
Our brains has opioid receptors that are triggered by certain foods, which we're not adapted to handle. Excessive consumption of these foods cause a narcotic withdrawal, just like heroin and cocaine.

This has harmed our children early on in life and is harming adults still today. It numbs your brain, reduces your capacity to care and get involved. It keeps you sedated and slows your attention to detail. 

Adopting agriculture has hurt our body's capabilities, by introducing chemicals that reduces our sensation to our own body's messages (e.g. pain). We run better on an ancestral diet, a paleolithic diet, which gives us high amounts of fat and protein. Fat being the preferred fuel of your brain and heart, as well as a major building block of your brain and nerve cells. 

If wheat, milk and sugar activate opioid receptors and are associated with withdrawal symptoms and dependency, I would like to classify them as a potent drug source. Would you?

Your responsibility
I researched this and came to the conclusion of eliminating them from my diet, for the exact reasons I shared with you above. It is your responsibility to take action for yourself, as no one else experiences your life but you. I see through my eyes, and so they are my eyes to take care of.

Be aware, that you might neglect to take responsibility for your brain cells and organ cells because you are drugged up on grains, milk and sugar.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

World Grain Awareness Day

Please SUPPORT this awareness day by Owning the knowledge I share to you as your own and help others recognize how come their body has been numb consciously to the wonders of the human body. Heal your physical body with this knowledge base technology, that will end extreme cellular degeneration and promote a prosperous life for each individual cell that makes up the multicellular organism - you.

World Grain Awareness Day | Facebook EVENT

World Grain Awareness Day | Blog

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Healthy Paleo Coalition

This article I liked above is a blessing. Many people today are taken on a ride that makes them believe in stuff like a Vegan diet and Vegetarianism. Lierre Keith, author of a book on such subjects from an experienced point of view, tells the story of the Vegetarian Myth, of which you can find a video on Youtube explained by her.

In the article I linked above she tells you the big story as why this type of diet fails. It can be backed by science, and it definitely is not a diet for the long run. I meet many people lately, older adults in their 50's and 60's, who had stopped being Vegan after 15-20 years because they got sick. There are deficiencies you can get in the early stages of such a diet, within a week, but long term deficiencies can result in a degenerative disease and specifically the slowing down of your cells and body wide systems due to lack of essential minerals and vitamins that fix your DNA and prevent the dysfunction of your Mitochondria.

A Vegan diet was a hit back in the 60's and 70's but today many people who did the Vegan experiment found themselves returning to a more complete diet. Many of them just return to mainstream omnivorous diets. Yes, the human being on this planet is an omnivore, but Lierre Keith explains why the advent of agriculture has exposed the human being to food-like stuff that it had not evolutionarily evolved to fully digest. Agriculture brought grains, sugar and access to milk, and later on to vegetable oils. All of which has promoted the formation of "civilization type diseases".

Lierre says, and I agree, that a vegan lifestyle destroys the plant as it supports and can only be done using agricultural practices. She explains that man has turned away from nature, and it begun it's transition when it took up agriculture. It is simple, agriculture does not mimic nature, but takes a land and converts it to a breeding ground devoid of livestock and plant diversity like nature makes. This also kills the soil, which is a living organism, a home to an infinite number of bacterial species that make the soil alive. Monoculture as the devistating practice is called, is a method that desires to reach a point of using only one crop for one land. This robs the soil of it's nutrients and the exposed soil to the sun causes the important layer of the soil to burn and kill those organisms. 

The soil is alive and for a good reason. The bacteria in it have been found to symbiotically live with plants in an exchange of matter. The bacteria feed on the soil and increase the bioavailability of minerals for the plant. This such soil can be engineered using compost techniques and creation of humus, like the company BioLogic Systems is able to produce. This engineering of the soil gives the plant access to so much food from the soil that it can grow pumpkins to an extreme size. This can be achieved and has been done in a competition for the Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa. Check out the picture:

The sick part of advocates of a vegan diet is their lack of information and the media using them to explain global warming causes. All the PhD's and MD's who wrote all these books or starred in some documentaries have strengthened the vegans connection to a plant base diet as the source of healing and the right way of life. Sure, we are killing animals, but animals have been killing animals forever. Sure, we are making livestock suffer in feedlots and slaughtering them by the hundreds, but have you even considered the fact that we are feeding them a diet that is making them sick and is killing them? What T. Colin Campbell and many other doctors who "cured" patients with diet interventions don't tell you is that they not only took their patients off of meat and meat products but prohibited them from consuming grains, sugars of any type, vegetable oils and drugs. If we do the same thing with our cattle, give them their grass back, they are cured. So, is it the vegan diet or the evolutionary diet?

Denise Minger has done the research for you, and found all that I said and more. In her video "How to win an Argument with a Vegan" she explains what an "Informed" vegan would have to say to back up their argument, and what is the truth of the matter if you really investigated it yourself. Here is her presentation:

Now, livestock is not the cause of global warming but agriculture is. Livestock is the solution for global warming as polyculture practices are. Many ancient civilizations fell after thousands of years of prosperity because they practiced agriculture, and then followed many years of land recovery. Allan Savory's findings into how livestock can reverse desertification is amazing, because it also means that any land we have avoided exposing livestock to has eroded and died. However, if you expose a desert land to high amounts of livestock all at once it regenerates the land, even if that same year there is a drought. You can find an article about him in my blog archive or just google him. 

Agriculture is supported by the vegan diet. If agriculture is the culprit in desertification of land, then vegans are supporting the destruction of the earth.

Our ancestors ate an omnivorous diet, which we call today the Paleolithic Diet or simple Paleo Diet. This includes meat that is raised on it's evolutionary diet, like grass-fed cows, but also consuming fish, eggs and the most important and nutritionally dense parts of the animals, their organs. Organ meat is hardly found in today's supermarkets but can be found in a butcher shop. Eating simple muscle is nothing compared to eating organ meat. Fat and protein are the building blocks of our higher nature, our nervous system and brain have evolved to their present day dimension due to exposure to high amounts of fat and protein in our ancestral diet. The diet of a hunter gatherer also includes vegetables, fruits and nuts. 

There is a reason why many people are turning away from a vegan diet to a more complete diet. However, many people are not educated or up-to-date about their ancestral diet of which their bodies are modeled upon. Stop eating grains today, start eating a Paleo diet, it will enhance your cell quality which is overall your entire body's quality.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Inflammation promoting food

Grains, Legumes, Milk, Refined Sugar, Vegetable Oils and processed food are relatively new on our human diets. 99% of our evolution consists of a hunter/gatherer type of diet, we call today the Paleolithic Diet. Grains and legumes have toxins in them that inhibit digestive enzymes, so we have problems digesting them. Grains cause a leaky gut, which is a gap or "hole" between cells. This opens up the filtration system of the body and allows toxins, pathogens, heavy metals and undigested food into our blood stream. Milk also opens our guts and has been found to stimulate 45 area in the brain associated with opium receptors. Sugar is toxic in the blood, causes LDL oxidation and promotes the plaque formation associated with heart disease. It also helps feed pathogenic bacteria. Vegetable oils are high in an unstable fatty acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid Omega 6, which competes for room in the cell membrane and high amounts in diet causes high amounts of it to uptake into the cell, which in turn weakens the membrane structure. Omega fatty acids are sensitive to oxidation, and will drive your inflammatory response. Overall, these foods are incorporated into processed foods and create malnutrition. Real nourishment comes from Grassfed meat, fish, egg yolks, vegetables, fruits and nuts. We run better on fat and protein, which helped our brains evolve, rather on carbohydrates that are prevalent in the agricultural diet.


The advent of agriculture heralded the beginning of monoculture practices, when the earth had a polyculture life. Big civilizations were erected at the time, 12,000 years ago, but were long abandoned as civilization could not be sustained under such practices for too long. The soil would erode, dry up and loose it's bacterial ecosystem, that helped it thrive. Bacteria are essential for the soil, as they break down the contents into minerals, which increases the bioavailability for plants to grow big and strong. What the advent of agriculture brought with it is a complete overhaul of the human diet, the addition of cereal grains and legumes.

Research has shown that all cereal grains contain storage proteins called Prolamins, which stimulate in the gut the release of a regulatory protein called Zonulin. This regulatory protein has been observed as to weaken the tight junctions between cells, thus forming a gap or "hole" between them. The gut has specialized cells called Enterocytes, that absorb and filter constituents of matter. They will absorb minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars, but will filter or prevent uptake of heavy metals, viruses, pathogenic bacteria, toxins and partially digested food. 

A known storage protein in wheat, i.e. gliadin from gluten, has been found to do just that. Not only, it has been observed clinically to partially break down into a 7 amino acid protein called Gliadorphin, that has opioid properties. In a study it has been found to stimulate 3 opium receptors in the brain. Zonulin is secreted also in the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB), where it makes this barrier permeable to toxins and foreign substances. The lose of substance trafficking control increases the effect a drug or food has on all the organs and systems of the body.

A storage protein in Milk, called Casein, has been found to do the same. It appears that about 5,000 years ago, this milk storage protein underwent a mutation. Now you can find in scientific literature two types of beta-casein, A1 and A2, which differ by one amino acid. What happened to the structure of the protein was that A1 breaks down to a 7 amino acid protein called beta-caso-morphin-7 (BCM7) in digestion by the gut. This mutational derivative has been found to promote schizophrenia and autism in children. Here is an abstract of a study that can be found here.

"In a previous study we showed that β-casomorphin-7 (β-CM7) is taken up by brain regions relevant to schizophrenia and autism. The present experiment was designed to find whether β-CM7 has any behavioral or analgesic effects in rats. About 65 seconds after treatment with different doses of β-CM7, rats became restless and ran violently, with teeth chattering and with rapid respiration. Seven minutes later, the rats became inactive with less walking, distancing themselves from the other rat in the same cage, and sitting in, or putting their head against, the corner of the cage. The sound response was reduced and social interaction was absent. One hour later, the rats showed hyperdefensiveness. The above behavioral effects of β-CM7 did not occur when rats were pretreated with naloxone (2 mg/kg, IP). The rats receiving saline did not show any behavioral changes throughout the 2 hour period of observation. β-CM7 also demonstrated analgesic effects, which could be blocked by naloxone. The results suggest that β-CM7 may play a role in behavioral disorders such as autism and schizophrenia."
 A Peptide Found in Schizophrenia and Autism Causes Behavioral Changes in Rats | Zhongjie Sun | University of Florida, USA
Autism vol. 3 no. 1 85-95

Milk is a super-food. Babies require a source of food in their early stages due to their digestive tract being unequipped and not fully developed to digest solid food. They also depend heavily on their mother to strengthen their probiotic composition in their gut, which affects the child's abilities to derive nutrients from the solid food. Compared to Gliadorphin from wheat, BCM7 is 15 times more potent. It stimulates 45 opioid receptors in the brain. There aren't any conclusive studies demonstrating casein's abilities to secrete Zonulin, but if it makes sense that it will. Because babies digestive tract is ill-equipped, milk might just come with a mechanism that opens the gut for a easier access into the blood stream. 

Here is the study about milk stimulating 45 opium receptors in the brain:

"This paper discusses the effects of gliadorphin-7 (GD-7) infusion in rats and contrasts them with those of β-casomorphin-7 (βC-7). Both induce FLI in a dose related fashion. Very strong expression in both geniculate nuclei (GN) and the alveus hippocampus follow GD-7 400 μg and βC-7 30 μg/kg BW. GD-7 affects only these three regions while βC-7affects 45. FLI is prevented by Naloxone 2 mg/kg BW in all regions except the GN where it is diminished 60%. βC-7 causes bizarre behavior beginning 60 s after infusion is started. GD-7 causes no behavioral change. These findings suggest GD-7 gains access to brain cells by diffusion through circumventricular organs while βC-7 passes the BBB by carrier facilitation."
 Findings in normal rats following administration of gliadorphin-7 (GD-7)      Zhongjie Sun,     Robert CadeCorresponding author contact information, E-mail the corresponding author      Departments of Medicine and Physiology, University of Florida, P.O. Box 100204, HSC, Gainesville, FL 32610-0204, USA

So, both grains and milk are problematic, milk being problematic from an A1 source cow (dominantly the Holstein, but also found in other species). It might be a consequence of human engineering interventions, as they have been known to cross breed plants and animals to create a species that would produce the most (Holsteins are known as the cows that produce the most milk, but the least in quality).

Vegetable Oils are derived from grains, legumes and seeds. Oils like Corn, Soy, Sunflower and Safflower are high in Omega 6 fatty acids. This fatty acid, like Omega 3, is highly sensitive to oxidation. Heating it or placing it in direct sunlight will cause the formation of free radicals and the fatty acids will cause inflammation in contact with the digestive tract. This can deplete the antioxidant storage's in the cells lining the gut and make them vulnerable to mutation, aging and death.

Due to the fatty acids being so very unstable, having a diet dominant in them will cause the cells to be unstable. Fatty acids compete for space in the cells membrane, which is composed of fatty acids, and then if you consume lots of Vegetable Oils from cooking or processed foods you end up shaping your cells in that same substance. If the fatty acids are unstable by themselves, imagine how would a cell's membrane quality be if all it gets from your diet is these unstable fatty acids. It would set off inflammations all the time. Saturated fat is just that, saturated, meaning stable. We need relatively less Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids in our diets, more Saturated Fat and Monounsaturated fats.

Cholesterol is essential for membranes. It is also essential for the creation of a specialized protein called Coenzyme Q10, that helps the mitochondria (the power house of the cell) in creating huge amounts of cellular energy (called ATP). This means that Cholesterol is essential for the health of this organelle in every cell in the body, without it the breathing of the cells will slow down and thus also the multicellular organism (you). Cholesterol is also essential in creating Vitamin D, which is important for calcium metabolism. 

When it comes to diseases of the blood vessels, like Atherosclerosis, Cholesterol has been found to clog up the arteries causing a heart attack. However, Cholesterol is not the culprit, but oxidation of Cholesterol is. Specialized Fat Proteins, called Lipoprotein, carry Cholestrol from the Liver to the blood stream and back to the Liver. LDL (Low density Lipoprotein) is responsible to transport Cholesterol through the blood stream to patch up cell membranes. Cholesterol is transported as a bandage in the healing process of the cells across the body. 

However, sugar and Homocysteine oxidize LDL, causing it to form plaques in the arteries. Sugar is toxic in the blood stream, and Homocysteine irritates the blood vessels surface. Sugars toxicity is taken care of by Insulin, which drives it into cells or converts it into fat for storage. In the blood, sugars can form AGEs - Advanced Glycation End-products, that have been observed to cause LDL oxidation. You can read more about sugar here. Also, Sugar feeds pathogenic bacteria. This gives them a substrate to thrive on, which they reach a momentum and launch an attack on the host.

Homocysteine is a transition substance between two amino acid synthesis. It's levels can rise due to deficiencies in vitamin B9 and B12. It has been a known marker for heart disease of any kind, and can only be reduced through nutrition. The interesting thing is that nutritional yeast, the most studied yeast out there, has been found to produce many B vitamins, inculding B9, but also Coenzyme Q6 and others that are precursors to CoQ10 production, or at least help in it's synthesis in the mitochondria.

Finally, many drugs can harm the gut and disrupt natural processes in the body. I'm not talking about Canabis, but mainstream's medicines that are created to mimic hormones or proteins in the body. NSAIDs are one example of drugs that promote inflammation in the gut. Contraceptive pills disrupt the composition of bacteria in and out of the body, which means that pathogenic bacteria populations develop and cause inflammation. Statin drugs inhibit release of Cholesterol, which harms the mitochondria's health.

To conclude, our bodies developed over millions of years on a diet that kept inflammation at bay. The advent of agriculture has caused the shift of humans to eat foods and create foods that harm the body and it's cells health. To reduce inflammation and let the cells rest and rebuild their structures, you are advised to eat a diet that predates agriculture - a Paleolithic Diet. Not being able to eat grains, legumes, milk, vegetable oils and sugars might seem to leave you with no other choice but to eat more fruits and vegetables if you are vegetarian or vegan, but meat products and animal products have always been a staple food of the human being on planet Earth.

Now, because we feed our meat grains, that is our livestock, the meat's quality is bad and if we consume it we end up with low quality bodies. Cows eat grass. They should be grass-fed, because they evolutionarily developed on a diet reach in grass. The only animal on the plant that can fully digest grains are birds. Fix your diet by buying grass-fed meat, which will strengthen the farmers who figured out the best way to raise cattle.

The responsibility is in your hands.
To your health,
Joel Jacobson