Thursday, December 13, 2012

Malnutrition Effect on Health

It seems that malnutrition causes our innate Subatomic Defense Systems to decrease in numbers due to high energy demands by cells.

Cell respiration by the mitochondria utilizes CoQ10 to transport electrons in the Electron Transport Chain (creating the majority of ATP for cell respiration). Decreased synthesis of CoQ10 can result from deficiency in vitamin B6 [1]. Also, Glutathione (GSH) depends on adequate amounts of minerals, like selenium [2], to function and it's synthesis depends on the essential amino acid Methionine [3], which in turn depends on adequate amounts of vitamin *B12 and B9 (not B6 [4]) in the case of synthesis of Homocysteine into Methionine.

Supplementation of these B vitamins has been shown to reduce Homocysteine levels [5], which is good because Homocysteine has been found to irritate blood vessel walls, causing inflammation and the rise of LDL. Cholesterol that is brought by LDL (who are deficient in CoQ10 and Vitamin E due to poor diets, mainly on carbohydrates) tend to be oxidized easily by free radicals in the blood stream. Cholesterol is important in the healing of cellular membranes and is established as a bandage carried over by LDL. Oxidation of LDL causes the formation of plaque and thus the hardening of blood vessels observed in Atherosclerosis.

It has been observed that many food sources available directly for human consumption come complementary with antioxidants. Plants have their own respiratory mechanisms (i.e. chloroplasts) that utilizes electron transporting stimulated by sunlight UV rays, and require an innate Subatomic Defense System to balance out the biochemical creation of cellular energy. However, cereal grains are considered "empty carbs" as they do not contain bioavailable antioxidants and instead have minerals that are stored in order to make some. Of course, seeds have natural pesticide chemicals called Lectins and Phytates, that inhibit digestive enzymes, and that is why you would find an intact grain in your stool (like corn). Soaking grains, legumes, nuts and seeds reduce the toxin by simulating germination conditions that enhance nutrient content and bio-availability. Furthermore, cereal grains have other problems outlined in my article 1through9.

This would bring you to the concept of eating raw. If you eat pasteurized products you are literally eating dead food. What animal on this planet eats dead food? "Civilized" humans. Predators kill and eat away because they know from experience that meat rots. Pasteurization kills down to the probiotic bacteria and food enzymes that help transport nutrients safely across the stomach acids.

The Organic Cycle is also highly important. Plants relay on soil to deliver them their nutrients needed for their structure down to the molecular machinery that produce biochemical reactions (like one atom of Magnesium is needed in every molecule of chlorophyll). Inadequate supply of nutrients results in slower growth, slower recovery, slower everything. Same goes for any biological multi-cellular life-form, including humans. Mineral that our innate Subatomic Defense System requires have been discussed in the article 2through8. Conventional agriculture is far from mimicking nature and will never attain such a statues, unless we are able to breed mechanical livestock that poop and replenish the soils nutrients.

To conclude, the decline of your physical body's health will always be governed by your Subatomic Defense Systems strength. You were born as a baby in a physical plain of ultimate existence to interact with physical manifestation of existence. You were taught what you had to know to survive but in our dark ages of human-planet evolution we have forgotten how to utilize manifested tools for our longevity in our incarnation. The key to longer life has always been quality of life, here and now. Quality can be found in Organic, in Raw, in a knowledge based technology that utilizes complete understanding of the role of plants in our health and the role of animals in our expression.


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*B12 deficiency can result from pathogenic bacteria destroying the parietal cells in the stomach, which are special cells that create the enzyme "Intrinsic Factor" responsible for transporting B12 across the gut lining into the blood stream, thus making it bioavailable. Probiotic treatment has been shown to restore B12 levels in blood serum, by returning the balance of microorganisms in the gut [6].

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