Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration - A Review

The following is my review of a 511 page book I had recently finished reading over a period of 2 months. Due to insufficient space in such a review, I will give a generalized overview of the book's content.

If one would perceive physical "aging" as simply a condition of physical "degeneration", one would take measurements to investigate what brought about the loss of cellular integrity.

What degenerates you?
Do you have tantrums?
Do you have a foggy mind?
Do you ever have criminal urges?
Is it difficult for you to remember things?
What did you eat this morning?
Have you suffered in the past from tooth decay?
Are you still suffering from tooth decay?

According to a 511 page book I just finished reading, called "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration", my body, and the body of many other people I know, is physically unfit for primitive lifestyles under the "modernized" foods of commerce.

Fortunately, I have left the White Man's foods and have found excellent stamina and physical regeneration. I hardly brush my teeth anymore because I have identified several years ago the reasons for bone density loss (osteoporosis) and immunity susceptibility to states of disease, and this book confirmed for me much of what I had experienced.

The author, Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist, was concerned for the increasing incidence of tooth decay and dental arch deformities in the United States. His concern took him to investigate, observe, document and analyze, different cultures around the world. For that task, he needed a control group - a group within that culture that has a very high immunity to tooth decay and has no record of physical degeneration within their racial stock.

Dr. Price spent the 1930s traveling to 14 different cultures on 5 different continents. Where he had examined the teeth of thousands of primitive tribal men, women and children, who subsisted on their primitive diets (fresh, local and seasonal food, each culture having a unique diet that the climate and land conditions allowed). Then Dr. Price visited and documented extensively the physical degeneration of many primitive groups who had begun the process of modernization, as well as groups who had been converted entirely to subsisting on modern food. In many cases, these modernized men and women gave birth to children who had shown marked physical deformities in facial development, teeth, and body shape.

The aspect of diet, what to eat or what not to eat, was largely discussed in this book. However, instead of focusing on the nature of the modernized foods, it was clearly demonstrated what factors within the primitive groups had greatly maintained their excellent physiques, even to very late ages.

Repeatedly it is demonstrated, via photographs of smiling teeth and x-ray shots, that excellence of the primitive racial stocks compared to the modernized groups. The Swiss in the Alps, the Gaelics in the Hebrides, The Aborigines in Australia, the Masai warrior tribe in Africa, the Eskimos in Canada, the Indians in Peru, are a handful of the cultures that had been investigated. In each case, as if we can finally recognize nature's pattern, we see that the primitive groups had nearly 100% immunity to all physical degenerations, and a very low incidence of tooth decay.

On the other hand, wherever the road, railway or ports allowed access of imported goods from the modernized world, we see that the people exchanging their nutritionally wealthy foods for the white man's white bread, sugar, jams, canned foods etc., suffer greatly from the impact of the mineral and vitamin deficient food. The White Man developed a mentality of providing only energy and heat generating food for its masses, while the primitive races had maintained a close relationship with the body-building and body-repairing minerals and vitamins.

Civilizations tend to fall as a consequence of physical degeneration. However, it is the soil that gives out first, as farm land becomes exhausted from mineral depletion. But why would that happen? It can only happen in a system that supports exporting the minerals from the land out of the land. Only a system, which the primitives were aware of, that is able to return the minerals back to the land, would be able to nourish the plants. All animals, including man, inherits the pattern and composition of minerals that was available for the plant. If the land has degenerated, man will too. Such has been observed in large populations prior to World War 2, and such can be observed by photographs documented by Dr. Price of entire herds of cows that degenerated due to deficiencies.

Due to a growing concern of increased sterility in modernized populations, largely because of the deformity in both sperm and egg, and increased incidence of birth defects and loss of child at birth, the urge to investigate the reasons for this phenomenon had propelled many scientists to determine the factors involved in the deformity in nature's design. The book elucidates many of the factors that had inflicted primitive groups undergoing the process of modernization. The consequences are not limited to physical degeneration alone, but also include impaired brain development, which has been associated with the rising incidence in criminal behaviors as well as learning disabilities.

Could food, and the state of the soil it had come from, have an impact on physical development and performance?
Has this crucial knowledge and wisdom presented in the book's message propel society to incorporate nutritional guidelines?
How important is it for the parents to plan ahead the bearing of a child into the world?

And how did primitive groups succeed in developing a next generation that carried perfect physical, mental, behavioral and spiritual capacities?

There are many questions answered within the book, which I am glad that I carry with me the wisdom of primitive racial groups. We have much to thank Dr. Price for his contribution to humanity. It is unfortunate that many people misinterpret his main messages, let alone ignore the stark evidence of physical degeneration due to poor quality of food.

Are you hungry for change?

Joel D. Jacobson
Teacher at Evolved Ministry
Online Self Mastery University

Study at the pace of your evolution.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Understanding the Significance of the pH scale and the phenomena of Osteoporosis

Life began in the sea, and as such, all living things contain water and function in an aqueous space. It is possible to observe an internal ocean within the cell and an external ocean encompassing the cell. Water's simple molecule - two hydrogens bonded to an oxygen - provides the space and plane for the molecular and biological world to move around and to carry out its life functions. Digestive enzymes cannot reach and carry out the mining of the raw materials without an aqueous space, which provides them the room to maneuver in order to transport nutrients to the absorption cells. Furthermore, the bloodstream is 90% water, because water makes it possible for nutrients to drift on the River of Life and to hydrate any dehydrated cells, while stripping the waste and transport it to the liver.

Why is it important to develop appreciation to water? We'll explore water's importance and the influence of substances on its pH. We'll examine the reason for the development of tissue calcification and the phenomenon of Osteoporosis, as well as, which foods can return the body to its original and healthy pattern.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Is Gluten-Free a Hoax? Investigation into [Journal]

The following is an argument presented based upon research and investigations into diet, physiology and human history. This article will allow you to piece some things together and develop your own opinion.

Basically, there is a huge difference between traditional methods of processing grains, which yield our breads, pastas and pastries, and conventional (and more recent) method of processing.

Traditionally, Man understood how nature operated and would pass that wisdom down the line. The wisdom of soaking nuts, seeds, grains and legumes goes back thousands of years, and rightfully too. Our ancestors, who left their paleolithic lifestyle and settled down in farms to seasonally plow the soil, had recognized that these sources of nourishment had protective mechanisms, designed to ensure the survival of the pod until such conditions that favored germination arrived.

A Technique for Hydrating while Eating

This idea is not rare, but until now the science of proper hydration while eating has not been adequately explained. Now that it has, lets take a look at a technique for it.

Digestive enzymes are already created in our mouths in preparation of food intake. It is the digestive enzymes that require an aqueous environment in order to move and reach the substances to be mined. Thus, every bite should be accompanied by a tiny, but sufficient, water or liquid. The goal is to chew up the gross materials, and then add that bit of water to allow the food's consistency to be mushy. 

Then the digestive enzymes can literally piggyback along with the prepared mush into the stomach, where stomach acids won't have to labor tiredly in their process of preparing the food for the small intestines. Basically, the more you prepare your food for digestion, the easier it is on each and every digestive organ. 


Fletcherizing is the slowly and thoroughly chewing of food. This makes sure that all the juice and contents of the plants, which are stored behind the tough-to-digest cellulose, are tapped into. The fiber - cellulose - can then be discarded or swallowed. 

Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the benefits of Fletcherizing, as well as, they don't have "enough time" to slowly and thoroughly chew their food. For people like that, there are alternatives.

Fresh Juices and Smoothies

Juices are different than Smoothies. When you prepare a juice, you remove all the fiber out of the vegetables and fruits. When that is done, the stomach doesn't have to labor on digesting the fiber, and instead, the high water and nutrient juice can skip stomach digestion and arrive for immediate absorption at the small intestines. 

On the other hand, a smoothie has all the fiber, which is good for many reasons, but it requires digestion by the stomach before allowing it to continue to the small intestines for absorption. Smoothies should never be gulped down like water or juice, as it requires a bit of swooshing around in the mouth in order to coat it with digestive enzymes.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Establishing Nourishment through Altered States of Consciousness - Part 2

by Joel D. Jacobson

This article is a sequel to the article - Accessing Nourishment through Altered States of Consciousness - Part 1. This article presents an argument, based upon scientific knowledge and experience, on the side-effects which manifest as one progresses from an Alpha brainwave to a Theta brainwave.

Where does the feeling of deep nourishment come from? We do not experience deep nourishment from every single meal we have, nor from every single conversation we partake in on our daily journey from sunrise to sunset. How come are we never truly satisfied from a single meal for the entire rest of the day?

There are reasons for every experience, as there is a cause to every effect, as well as an effect to every cause.

Accessing Alpha brain waves seem to tickle the satiety within our spirit. Our seemingly incessant drive for possession, accumulation and consumption leads to only one outcome: signals for the industry to produce more in order to curb that satiety. It is when we begin questioning the repercussions of our actions and promising ourselves that we will adhere to this new behavior, which will support ourselves and our environment, that we feel nourished deeply.

You can infer from that, that the more I think about others and do for the planet and mankind, the more I feel fulfilled. Therefore, would spiritual fulfillment equal physiological nourishment? Let's explore that more.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Impact of Water on Diet Health

As far as my personal research on hydration of the body, it really had been the book "The Body's Many Cries for Water" by Dr. Batmanghelidj, that brought to light the impact of dehydration on animal physiology, and how a drought management system is employed by the brain upon initial dehydration of the body from consumption of food that lacks sufficient water or that arrives into an insufficiently hydrated body.

However, there is a difference between tap water, spring water and biological water.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Difference between Internal and External Fermentation

All living organisms on the lower rungs of evolution eat materials and expel wastes - byproducts. Mankind lives within an animated organism. One of which is bound to the laws of karma - action and reaction - whereas, if you eat, your body will have to digest and eliminate. 

But what is your body? Who is doing the digesting? How can food affect the organism? and what can their byproducts cause?

You are a bacterial entity. 

A few of your organelles inside your cells have been identified as bacteria, who gathered favorably together to form tribal life of mutual and beneficial trade amongst each other. Their symbiotic relationship happened to elicit an evolutionary benefit, one that ended up with the erection of city walls - a membrane - from which the governor of the city, i.e. cellular consciousness, can direct traffic and respond to environmental stimulus for the benefit of coordinated multicellular expressions.

A bacterial ecosystem.

Not only are you made up of trillions of these tribal bacterial cells, but you are covered by 10 times more single cell microbes, who live side by side with the cells. These microbes, ranging up to 1000 different species, create amazing benefits for the cells of your lungs, your gut, your skin and your hair. When they are in good shape, your epithelial cells (the surface cells) are enjoying great mucus lubrication and availability of adequately digested nutrients.

The Missing Link

From epigenetic research we now know that substance and food causes buttons to be pushed on the cell membrane, which in turn stimulate gene behavioral changes. The nucleus was once thought to be the brain, but it is now viewed as the gonads of the cell, as you can remove it from the cell and the cell remains alive. The brain is actually the membrane - mem-brain - which received stimulus from either the inside or outside of the cell, and then transmits a cascade pathway that switches genes on and off.

The genes, which hold the keys to protein and enzyme synthesis, dictate what information is available for transcription. It is like a computer code of zeros and ones; zero is off and one is on - just like a switch. The genes that are off do not express themselves chemically and biologically, as well as behaviorally. Genes that are turned on are expressed, and it's evinced by the behavior of the cell. The nucleus is likened to a computer hardware, that holds a library of data, and the membrane as a keyboard that accesses the database. 

Stimulation of microbial populations. 

Bacteria have DNA as well, just like the bacterial organelle inside the cells - the Mitochondria. These bacteria also have membranes, which means that they are just as much bound to this law of stimulation and expression (sounding like the law of Karma). 

It is well known that certain types of substances can cause an organism to advance towards it to consume it, or express the contrary and stay away from the substance, as well as take steps to protect itself from the nature of that substance. 

Some substances can cause an acid environment, like the crystalline form of sugar (pure glucose), which is the most acid forming substance consumed today (grains and starches come next). When a living organism, which operates in a slightly alkaline environment, is exposed to a drastic change in the environment, as much as a toxic shift in the acid direction, the organism's membrane delivers a cascading message to turn off the "growth and healing mode" in favor of the "protection mode", also known as "The inflammatory response".

Free roaming bacterial populations are the first to come in contact with ingested substances. They have the capacity to create digesting enzymes, since they desire the utilization of raw materials, and they expel byproducts.

Internal Fermentation

When free roaming bacteria digest a substance, it requires the utilization of complementary nutrients like water and minerals, in order to effectively break apart the atomic bonds between macro-nutrients (starches, fats and proteins). 

Since nature stores single sugars as long chains of sugars, aka starches, when the need arises to utilize the sugars for energy purposes, which is bounded in an unavailable form as a starch, the bacteria and cells release digestive enzymes that quicken the breakdown of the bonds. In the process, gases are released as the sugars become available as a single molecule. 

We know that the gut will not allow starches into the bloodstream, only simple sugars, so this step is always necessary for sugar to become available.

Not only does the environment in the intestines become highly acidic from the sugars, but the released gases causes pressure and symptoms of bloating. Stress on cells, whether from the acidic factor or gases, switches many cellular and bacterial growth modes into protection mode. This slows down digestion, absorption, and last but not least... the effectiveness of elimination (detoxification). 

The Difference between
and Anaerobic

Respiration is the active transportation and transmutation of chemicals within a living unit. Such that energy, a desired byproduct, is created, and with it the organism is able to produce movement.

An animal cell, such as the human's cell, thrives in the presence of Oxygen. The process of cellular respiration, that utilizes Oxygen in a cascade of energy production mechanisms, is called Aerobic Respiration.

In the absence of Oxygen, cells switch to a less efficient mode of respiration called "Anaerobic Respiration". It is less efficient, since the quantity of energy units - ATP - that is created, is drastically reduced (from 36 ATPs to 2 ATPs).

Taking a look at the illustration; in the absence of oxygen, energy is only created at the stage of Glycolysis. If Oxygen is present, the by product of glycolysis (Pyruvic acid) will enter the Mitochondria. In the absence of Oxygen, the by-products of glycolysis are recycled and fermentation results.

The process of Anaerobic Respiration, in the absence of Oxygen, is also known as Fermentation. The by product of Anaerobic Respiration is Carbon Dioxide, a gas, and Lactic Acid (if it builds up after an exercise, it give the sensation of sore muscles).

External Fermentation.

Traditionally all foods man ate were raw or processed by fermentation. The processing seen in the western lifestyle has neglected the wisdom of our ancestors, which took careful measures in processing grains, legumes and vegetables into forms of food considered "pre-digested by bacteria", also known as Fermented Food.

Man's neglect of this wisdom was caused by the invention of a technological preservation device - the Refrigerator. Prior to these Fridges, man would let his food dry out or let sit and ferment in a brine, so food would be available to him during the winter times, when the earth is too cold and conditions wouldn't allow food to grow in large amounts.
It is a factor, that digestion is only accomplished by microbial consumption of raw materials. Their byproducts - the building blocks of the raw materials. Like the egg yolk, which has no proteins, but rather has the building blocks of proteins - Amino Acids - is so freely bioavailable for absorption by the absorption cells in the digestive tract, that no extra digestive energy is required for processing it.

Imagine how wonderful it is to relieve the digestive tract from such high energy demands. The leading cause for delayed healing and recovery from injury and illnesses is exactly that, hardly no recovery time. Rest is imperative for healing, and when you allow the gut to rest, instead of consuming 60% of the energy in the body for digestion, it can utilize less and the organism directs the growth and repair to brain cells, lungs cells, and every other cell in the body that is screaming with pain signals of attention.

External fermentation, like fermenting a Cabbage to make Sauerkraut, is a delicacy that not only delivers bacterial populations, but also frees the vitamin C from the tough to digest plant cell, and makes many of the plant structure available as building blocks. When that hits the small intestines... walla! fast absorbing nutrients to nourish the residential microbial and cellular populations. 

When the first line of cells are happy with the environment created by the fermented foods, the growth mode remains on and thus the gates are wide open for deeper layers of tissues and organs to receive a refreshing flood of nutrients. 


External fermentation complements the organism, by pre-digesting raw materials and making many large materials available in their building block form. This also releases gases, but at least not inside a confined space like the intestines and colon, thus preventing the buildup of gaseous pressures within the bloodstream, that can otherwise lead to gases being locked up inside cells (see The Blood Gas Theory).

Traditionally, we used bacteria and yeasts to digest gluten in the production of sourdough bread. This breaks down the gluten protein, bit by bit, into available free-form amino acids. It is only our conventional methods practiced today that skip the wisdom of proper fermentation, and many people suffer from illnesses due to gluten toxicity. Proper leavening of bread from a whole grain neutralizes the toxins and makes the B vitamins in the bran available for utilization by other organisms.

Digestion is a process leading to elimination. Raw materials are blocks to be mined, like a gold mine, which extracts the prize and eliminates the wastes. Taking steps to locate a gold mine results in less wastes and better yield from the energy utilization in the process of extraction. As goes with food choices, as you can certainly benefit from reducing gaseous wastes and toxins by employing physiologically complementing organisms, who can accomplish for you an initial processing to your food, that would otherwise be called to the intestines during internal digestion, in order to mitigate the heaviness of the meal.

There's food for thought...

Joel D. Jacobson

Teacher at Evolved Ministry online Self Mastery University 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

An Awakening Process - A True Story

 This is my experiences leading up to my first Astral Projection, and the consequences that followed.


I was raised all my life in Israel until I moved intentionally to California in September 2012, for further maturity of my soul and in order to gain wisdom from looking outside of the box that had contained me. 

My notion of the divine or of god was shaped by superficial imagination of people around me. I mean superficial, because it was only an experience they can relay to me on the surface of words. I didn't have experiences to backup the stories I've heard, so I had not much to relate to. This certainly kept me ignorant and distracted from seeking higher knowledge.

The first experience of the divine occurred under peculiar circumstances. It happened the morning after I sustained a life altering injury to my back during a midnight march with my unit in March-April of 2007 (during my service in the military). I carried too much on my back, to the point of stressing and inflaming the muscles surrounding my spine, between the shoulder blades. I couldn't sleep all night long, I was in a trance of everlasting pain, and I had not learned to speak up yet, so I kept the pain to myself.

The morning after the march, I ended up getting up in agony from bed, put on my uniform, and walk out in the twilight to the area of operations. Since it was very early, and no one would be awake for another couple of hours, I went into a club house, where we had a TV, Billiard table and long cushion benches, and I lay down carefully on my back, placed my hat on my face, and allowed myself to fall asleep.

I awoke into full consciousness. I was on a stone marble seat, in a light-filled room. In my hands is a long oval golden tray, with water and cloudy mud moving in patterns that I was reading and interpreting. On my right I heard a voice speaking to me, and I was conversing with it. I knew it as god. As I was preoccupied with the tray, a door straight ahead opens and a silhouette walks inside. I am still preoccupied, but the figure reaches me. I tell it, "Sit down". He doesn't comply. I repeat and say "Please sit down". Noticing that I haven't even looked up at him once, I raise my head and... wake up.

This experience kept me pondering long hours the essence of my existence. Even with my twin-mirror brother (whose entire internal organs are reversed due to a condition called "Situs Inversus") I would ponder infinity and ask paradoxical questions such as, "How did existence come to exist, if existence never existed.". 

Meanwhile, my twin brother shared with me something that had truly pulled me deeper into the realm of the mysterious. He told me about a friend of his who practices Astral Projection with his father. I was intrigued, but I was preoccupied with mundane life, so I didn't pursue it further. Though, my brother got a book about Astral Projection from 1929, and dug deeper into the subject. He soon claimed to have successfully Astral Projected. Fascinated, and in deep jealousy at such an incredible and pleasurable experience, I set forth to find out the truth for myself.

I spent hours... days... weeks... reading, thinking and wishing for an experience to happen to me. I didn't know any techniques, and simply meditated and tried to squeeze out of my body. Nothing worked. I had no real hope left. There just seemed to be something keeping me away from experiencing this phenomena for myself. 

I was now serving in a different unit than I had been. This time I was stationed half a mile from Gaza strip. Two weeks leading up to the new years of 2009, our base would be targeted by Hammas militants, and so we would have motor rockets fall on our base at 2 or 3 am. The sound of the impact always reminded me of someone slamming very loudly the top of a metal trash bin. Luckily I didn't get hurt, but others were less fortunate. 

After a Friday night dinner, rockets fell once more, but this time soldiers were injured badly. These were very terrifying times. The situation persisted far too long, and now that people were injured, the energy intensified and many were in a revengeful spirit.

On a Saturday morning, on December 28th, 2008, I awoke fearfully to the sound of dozens of explosions going off incredibly loud and fast. Frightened, I rolled out of my blanket and under my bunk bed, and waited for a slow in the rate of incoming fire. It never came. My friend in the bunk bed near to me agreed that we have to quickly place our gear on and run for shelter, since our sleeping quarters were not fortified buildings. 

As we ran towards shelter, we were stopped by one of our commanders, who swiftly communicated to us that we are not the ones being bombed, but rather jets were dropping bombs on Gaza. Relieved, we ran around the base collecting soldiers from our unit and we all made it to our unit shelter.

I was trained as an Anti-Aircraft operator, in a unit called "Eye of the Storm". I would sit inside a room, in front of monitors connected to a radar, and monitor sky traffic. Apparently, 300 bombs were dropped on Gaza in 10 minutes. It was a surprise, an awful one for them and a startling one for me. The thought of it is gut terrifying. 

This, "surprise", launched a month long war with the militant government Hammas. Me and my unit remained protected under a shelter, rotating shifts and undergoing war schedules (serving 7 days, staying at home for 7 days, this way we can rest from such stressful times).

My first Astral Projection happened after a 6am shift. 

One early morning, after completing a rather short 6 hour shift (from midnight to 6am), I was so exhausted that my physical body was literally less "attached" to my astral body. If you can relate to that feeling, when you are so tired, that when you lay down flat, you feel yourself melt endlessly into the surface you're on. I felt that way, as I crashed on my sleeping bag and melted into a dream.

In the dream, I recall being in a room with friends from my unit. They are all having a good time. I suddenly become weak, and I fall to the floor. I feel ridiculous; as if I am laying on the floor pretending to have fallen and waiting for someone to take notice. No one cares. Though, suddenly I feel myself become lighter than air and a distinct sensation of "leaving my body". 

Wow! As my eyes are close, I am flying in incredible speeds. Somewhere. Maybe nowhere. I decide it is time to open my eyes. As I do, I see myself flying above dark streets. Street lamps lit, and a military pickup truck zooms by. I travel left, and I float above a metallic gray shed, surrounded by low level buildings. A truck, bare of its back carrier, is under the shed, and I float downwards to it, through the metallic shed. 

As I float into the truck's passenger seat, I observe a white ray of light. I reach out and touch it. This ray of white light moves onto my hand and into my heart. I float out of the truck and start sinking into the ground. I see the white gravel and many insects, like spiders and centipedes, rising up from the ground and come towards me. Everything is high definition. I then wake up.

This marked the beginning of my Astral Projection exploration.

Once I had this first Astral Projection, a whole belief system melted away and I was left baffled at what this means to my existence. It ignited in me a strong urge to self educate myself about everything. I felt lied to. I felt my parents can't teach me anything any longer, since they failed to inform me of this intrinsic truth.

I took it upon myself to educate myself about the esoteric and metaphysical knowledge. I spent hours reading books about the Mayan calendar and prophecies, as well as, learning about Reiki and practicing it with my brother. I spent hours learning about the energetic anatomy, and experimenting with techniques, as well as meditating with and without crystals.


I have since experienced many more Astral Projections, with plenty of lessons taught by friendly entities as well as Animal spirits. 

My experience of Astral Projection was not limited to Dream projection only. I have experienced multiple times the conscious separation of my Astral body from the physical body.

My experiences range from fully opening my third eye, to waking up in a parallel world, and even to learning techniques in dream conditions. 

The last year, of 2014, I have explored and perfected a technique I have shared openly on youtube. I call it, The ART of WAKING UP.

Since my awakening to the truth of my essence, I have been Self Mastering myself in many areas, attempting to catch up with what I believe my evolution could be. So I have been investigating nutrition for the last 3 years.

I am currently working alongside Michael Grubb on the online Self Mastery University called Evolved Ministry. I have designed and constructed a Nutrition Self Mastery curriculum, designed to supply a serious Self Mastery practitioner with the basic concepts that will empower him to receive advance material for Self Healing of himself and of a Community.

Deepest blessings,
Joel David Jacobson

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nutrition Self Mastery at Evolved Ministry online Self Mastery University

Written by Joel David Jacobson

When I had awakened to my true potential and received healing from living in that state of mind, my initial feeling was that I want to liberate the world and heal everyone. Where I was back then is nowhere where I am today, as I have spent my last 5 years diligently investigating metaphysics, such as Astral Projection (which is the biggest game changer once you experience it the first time), but as evinced by this blog, I realized earlier on that if I should learn anything in order to heal others, I first would have to heal myself by going out and getting the knowledge on my own (not wait for someone to hand it to me).

I am proud to say that my passion for Self Mastering Nutrition has brought me to a new level of Self Confidence, and a grand level of Self Empowerment. Now I only needed a platform that would allow me to network with as many people, whom would be interested in mastering an art that I feel ready to share. 

I believe that Nutrition is a Wisdom Science, based upon the fathers of science - Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. When one is offered knowledge and guided to sources of wisdom, than one can rise up empowered and formulate an opinion based on personal interaction with knowledge of the natural world around him.

A platform for distribution of such Wisdom is now available, but a little background is necessary.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Nutrition webinar "Breaking the Death Habit" | 12-13-2014

To wrap up 2014, I had hosted my first webinar regarding nourishment. I offered it to students who are part of the online Self Mastery University - Evolved Ministry - where I study mastery of energy mechanics and universal connection, and where I offer an online nutrition course.

The title of the webinar is: "Breaking the Death Habit"

This webinar has a 20 min presentation with slides,
followed by 40 min of open sharing and discussion.

Plants Nourish Animals Beyond Glucose

If plants supply both Glucose and Oxygen as a by-product, could it be that they have been our source of nourishment all along?

I am not talking about eating plants. They produce glucose, which is sweet and desirable by many. That sugar can be addictive too. I am actually referring solely to Oxygen.

As there are two modes of cell respiration; Aerobic; which requires oxygen as the fueling agent, and Anaerobic; requiring glucose as the fueling agent, it appears from my long study that the cell runs on either one or the other, not both. At least not at the same time.

The consumption of sugar propels the body to use it up as a fueling source, forcing cells to ferment internally. This causes a lot of discomfort, especially on the multicellular organism's life condition.

Lactic acid produced from fermentation inside the cells is a waste by-product, that must be moved out of the cells and transported to the liver to be recycled and detoxified.

Through exercise, from modest to intensive, the circulation of blood accelerates the flow of dirty sewers through the filtration system (liver, kidneys) in order to alkalize the bloodstream.

Because we are not eating glucose as we exercise, our body utilizes a secondary energy production pathway, that of Oxygen and Fat burning.

Please remember, all glucose that was not burnt straight away is converted into fatty acids, stored in fat cells, and remains there as storage energy units. That is what fats are.... energy storage units.

They sit comfortably in the cells, without hurting the host. Unlike glucose which is highly reactive, that is why the body insists on dealing with glucose's presence in the bloodstream.

Glucose is so highly reactive, it can oxidize. Just like its brother, Oxygen, that is specifically related by name to the word "Oxidation". Though, glucose makes the blood acidic, while Oxygen does not.

Oxygen has a very important place in our diet. Once it had comprised 38% of our atmosphere, today it is down to 20%.

Our respiratory tract is a digestive tract as well. It deals with gaseous substances, unlike the gastrointestinal tract that digests solid substances. In either case, the body is able to access nourishment from the environment.

We can either eat our environment, or breath the environment.
We can either ferment sugar, or inhale Oxygen.

We start planting more trees, so we thrive on Oxygen!
(focusing on the solution affirmation, use abundantly)

 by Joel Jacobson