Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Mitochondria Speaks

To the lords of the multicellular organism, Greetings.

I was once a singular organism and billions of years ago I formed a community with others to form a eukaryote cell. However, you, my lord, are forgetting to take care of my needs and thus my world is falling apart. I remember times of abundance, when you supplied me with ample nutrition and machinery that would help me keep up my pace with your multi-taskful way of life.

I plead to you, stop this madness. You are harming me and thus you experience a reduction in energy throughout your day. I require certain nutrients and only you are capable of supplying them to me. My structure withers under the stress of your demands. My key machinery are incapable of withstanding the violent species that threaten to oxidize my structure. I implore you, I die slowly as you munch away at evil food.

I have spoken to all my fellow organelles and we have declared this our dark ages. You call yourself human, stemming from a word that even a fool would recognize as kind and considerate, but even the fool can not be fooled forever. The emptiness of your soil is the lack of nutrients to me. I must have adequate sustenance to function. Do you not hear my reasoning? would you stand idly by while you satisfy your addictions and cravings for euphoria? have you forgotten your early days, as you had ample energy to explore and be merry?

Your choice of a nutrient supply has been obscured by evil. You have a deep connection to an evolutionary blueprint, one of which I am included. The machinery in me and in my environment depend on your remembrance in the linage of life on the higher plain of your existence. Your lord, the planet, requires it's machinery to harmonize its waves and winds. Remember the time when you, my lord, had known your place and the plant kingdom's place in my health?

The violent species at my doors are out of control, while you pursue earthly creativity and emotional attachments. You cannot flee from your responsibilities for too long, as old age will manifest on your mirrors and you will recall that organelle you mistreated.

Heed my plea, use the power of the plant kingdom for my health and I will reward you with the energy you require to move rocks and shape pyramids. I am omnipresent, you can find me in your brain cells, in your liver cells and in your reproductive cells. I give you the chance to explore this universe on a multi-cellular plain of perception. Your perspective of life is highly influenced by my capacity to function, and I am definitely dependent on your generosity.

If it is knowledge you lack and understanding you require, I can speak for myself as I know my needs. My machinery, the same tools that require your attention, are missing a source of electrical charge. You once walked barefoot on your lord, the planet, and it incessantly connected you to the electrical charge it receives from the celestial lord, the Sun. This same charge flows in all plants, as long as they are in a conductive reach to the earth, and you can replenish your own machinery through them. Throwing away your foot coverings is not so easy for you, then replenish my machinery with the power of the planet kingdom.

The nutrients that I require to build such machinery can not be found easily in the plant kingdom, and so you must recognize your omnivore nature and supply these building blocks from the Animal kingdom. I hear that this is difficult to many of you. That taking an Animals life is morally stressful, but you treat the plant kingdom in such a way. Your perception of life and death is misunderstood, thus you take for granted a killing of a plant. Maybe because the plants or it's offspring doesn't have a heart to stop or lungs to collapse?

My degradation is a result of your choice, my lord. I am but another organelle in your cell, one that gives you the gift of life, energy. Live up to your responsibilities, as the governor of all cells, indiscriminately. Bring upon us a golden age of prosperity by supplying us with abundance. Give abundance and you shall receive abundance. Throw away the poisons that you have been made to believe are actual food. Increase your quality of life, by strengthening your connection to the sources that replenish your cellular charge and building blocks. 

Would you hear my plea? Will you answer for yourself or for others?

The Mitochondria

P.S always at your service, but I might need a few days off of work to recover from this disastrous diet you have. You probably should use a walking stick or just stay in bed with me... I promise we can relax together.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Dr. Terry Wahls - Minding Your Mitochondria

TEDxIowaCity - Dr. Terry Wahls - Minding Your Mitochondria 



I recommend watching this lecture by Dr. Terry Wahls. She has suffered the ill effects of malnutrition, and it's effecting on our cellular powerplants - The Mitochondria.

If the cell starves and the mitochondria is unable to keep up with energy production due to your walking or running or daily routine, you will crash and deteriorate over time. Processed foods do not give us the nutrition our cells need for quality life. Their quality life is important, as it is the basis of the overall multi-cellular human organisms quality of life.

 Invest your money and quality of life in Organic, Evolutionary, Seasonal and Fresh food. Support farmers who would grow vegetables for you, if you can't grow it yourself. Use your front lawns to grow food. A sustainable home is one that produces it's own produce.

 Strengthen your Subatomic Defense System by eating vegetables, leafs and roots. 

Take responsibility for your biological/physical body by learning what it really runs on. It certainly runs on Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty acids and Amino Acids.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Intracellular Defense System Overview

Your physical body is made of trillions of cells. Every cell is specialized to function in a certain way in order to fulfill a grandeur role. Each cell has a minimum requirement in order to keep the free radicals created by cell respiration at bay by the Subatomic Defense System. Essential nutrients, like selenium, zinc, copper, amino acid Methionine and more provide a functional mechanism of defense down to the subatomic and molecular plain of existence. Once adequate nutrition has been supplied, repair occurs due to the cells return to a normalized state. Keeping oxidative stress at bay promotes cell prosperity and system wide recovery. 

Our Immune System is our Intracellular Defense System.

Promoting balance to the Subatomic Defense System strengthens all types of cells, including immune cells. Fortification of the Subatomic plain and adherence to a nutritional supply of essential nutrients that are the building blocks for membrane health and protein synthesis, results in a super immune cell. Immune cells, like the pack-man type (macrophage), have antioxidants in their cellular environment, like Vitamin E. A supply of vitamin C has been found to replenish vitamin E, by converting it's oxidized state back to a "reduced" state (which makes them function as an antioxidant once more).

The environment inside your body has a police force that acts also as the garbage disposal service. Macrophages don't just eat up and disassemble bacteria and viruses but make sure the blood stream, their highway, is clean and only 'recognized' biological machines (like red blood cells) are present. However, a weakened immune cell has a weakness to foreign entities, and in this game of survival it is not so much as the quantity of police force but the quality. Just like a police officer in a crowd of violent zombies would be better prepared to engage if he has an armor to protect him. What good can a police officer be if he is harmed and weakened when he has tens of thousands more foreign invaders to engage and haul away.

Certain foods we consume that are not part of our evolutionary diets (i.e. paleolithic diet) stimulate secretion of a regulatory protein called Zonulin, which makes the tight junctions between cells in your gut and blood-brain barrier loosen up and form a gap or "hole". This is called a Leaky Gut and it allows foreign substances to skip the filtration system needed in your gut in order to regulate the intake of nutrients as well as to prevent heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and undigested food from crossing over. Cereal grains have been found to stimulate this protein, as well as Milk.

Approximately 85% of your immune system is found in your gut. It is very important to quit consuming those type of foods and fortify your immune system via fortification of your Subatomic Defense System. Your immune system will interact with undigested proteins, tag it, and scavenge for it. If that type of protein sequence, which isn't too harmful, resembles a sequence found anywhere else in your body, then your immune system will falsely attack it. This is called an Autoimmune Disease, and both Gliadin (from Gluten) and Casein (from Milk) have been correlated to produce such reactions. Like incomplete digestion of Casein A1, which produces Beta-Casomorphin-7, has been found to cause Type 1 Diabetes. Babies that are weaned off milk return to consume what develops later on as Childhood Diabetes.

Your immune system is smart. It has to be in order to keep up with the demands and pressure of "modern" lifestyles. However, it falls short if you keep feeding it a diet deficient in essential nutrients. Dark green leafy vegetables, soaked nuts and seed, are both excellent sources of nutrients that fortify your INNATE Subatomic Defense System. Many other vegetables have their own antioxidants that replenish your storage's and most definitely heal your gut. Don't forget that Organic is the better choice, as there is 40% more antioxidants found in Organic and more essential nutrients (that are usually not replenished in the conventional agricultural methods).

Your immune system is your inner body protector and it relays on a strong and health structure to its cells. Your outer body protectors, your Extracellular Defense System (i.e. Probiotic Bacteria), help your immune system in your gut by secreting Lactic Acid. This creates an environment suitable for immune cells. Consuming refined sugar feeds pathogenic bacteria, while eating Inulin containing vegetables feeds probiotic bacteria. Inulin is found in the majority of white vegetables, like garlic, onions, mushrooms, white cauliflower, leeks etc, but also in ginger and bananas.

I hope you came out of this article fully understanding how all Defense Systems complement each other, but more importantly how your cellular defenses relay on your innate antioxidant system. Eating healthy is choosing Organic, Evolutionary, Seasonal and Fresh to better supply an adequate exposure of your whole body to the right stress relieving chemicals. These are found in the plant kingdom, our truly detoxifying companions.

Friday, December 14, 2012

My Conculsion

There is a 'health cycle' that is maintained. It's rooted in the gut and controlled by food. If you control the food you control the population. I am referring to the bacterial population in your digestive tract. Probiotic bacteria are number one, most important, and beneficial organ of the body. They essentially take care of the rest of the system, but germs have been feared so much that people neglect to fathom how beneficial they are. They enhance our nutrients from the food we eat, because they feed on it and secrete waste that is our minerals and vitamins etc. However, an imbalance of bacteria, where pathogenic (bad) bacteria overthrow the beneficial bacteria, produce a toxic effect. That's because pathogenic bacteria eat our food and secrete toxins that cause inflammation and empty our cells defenses. Read more at: Extracellular Defense System Overview




Thursday, December 13, 2012

Malnutrition Effect on Health

It seems that malnutrition causes our innate Subatomic Defense Systems to decrease in numbers due to high energy demands by cells.

Cell respiration by the mitochondria utilizes CoQ10 to transport electrons in the Electron Transport Chain (creating the majority of ATP for cell respiration). Decreased synthesis of CoQ10 can result from deficiency in vitamin B6 [1]. Also, Glutathione (GSH) depends on adequate amounts of minerals, like selenium [2], to function and it's synthesis depends on the essential amino acid Methionine [3], which in turn depends on adequate amounts of vitamin *B12 and B9 (not B6 [4]) in the case of synthesis of Homocysteine into Methionine.

Supplementation of these B vitamins has been shown to reduce Homocysteine levels [5], which is good because Homocysteine has been found to irritate blood vessel walls, causing inflammation and the rise of LDL. Cholesterol that is brought by LDL (who are deficient in CoQ10 and Vitamin E due to poor diets, mainly on carbohydrates) tend to be oxidized easily by free radicals in the blood stream. Cholesterol is important in the healing of cellular membranes and is established as a bandage carried over by LDL. Oxidation of LDL causes the formation of plaque and thus the hardening of blood vessels observed in Atherosclerosis.

It has been observed that many food sources available directly for human consumption come complementary with antioxidants. Plants have their own respiratory mechanisms (i.e. chloroplasts) that utilizes electron transporting stimulated by sunlight UV rays, and require an innate Subatomic Defense System to balance out the biochemical creation of cellular energy. However, cereal grains are considered "empty carbs" as they do not contain bioavailable antioxidants and instead have minerals that are stored in order to make some. Of course, seeds have natural pesticide chemicals called Lectins and Phytates, that inhibit digestive enzymes, and that is why you would find an intact grain in your stool (like corn). Soaking grains, legumes, nuts and seeds reduce the toxin by simulating germination conditions that enhance nutrient content and bio-availability. Furthermore, cereal grains have other problems outlined in my article 1through9.

This would bring you to the concept of eating raw. If you eat pasteurized products you are literally eating dead food. What animal on this planet eats dead food? "Civilized" humans. Predators kill and eat away because they know from experience that meat rots. Pasteurization kills down to the probiotic bacteria and food enzymes that help transport nutrients safely across the stomach acids.

The Organic Cycle is also highly important. Plants relay on soil to deliver them their nutrients needed for their structure down to the molecular machinery that produce biochemical reactions (like one atom of Magnesium is needed in every molecule of chlorophyll). Inadequate supply of nutrients results in slower growth, slower recovery, slower everything. Same goes for any biological multi-cellular life-form, including humans. Mineral that our innate Subatomic Defense System requires have been discussed in the article 2through8. Conventional agriculture is far from mimicking nature and will never attain such a statues, unless we are able to breed mechanical livestock that poop and replenish the soils nutrients.

To conclude, the decline of your physical body's health will always be governed by your Subatomic Defense Systems strength. You were born as a baby in a physical plain of ultimate existence to interact with physical manifestation of existence. You were taught what you had to know to survive but in our dark ages of human-planet evolution we have forgotten how to utilize manifested tools for our longevity in our incarnation. The key to longer life has always been quality of life, here and now. Quality can be found in Organic, in Raw, in a knowledge based technology that utilizes complete understanding of the role of plants in our health and the role of animals in our expression.


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*B12 deficiency can result from pathogenic bacteria destroying the parietal cells in the stomach, which are special cells that create the enzyme "Intrinsic Factor" responsible for transporting B12 across the gut lining into the blood stream, thus making it bioavailable. Probiotic treatment has been shown to restore B12 levels in blood serum, by returning the balance of microorganisms in the gut [6].

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Humanities Greatest Depression began...

Humanities Greatest Depression began when convinced to survive and try to thrive on cereal grains. How does a civilization of hunter/gatherers come up suddenly with the notion of consuming grains that it hasn't been doing so for 99% of their evolution? If it came from mimicking birds, the only adapted species on the plant that can fully digest grains, then what happened to humans back 10,000-12,000 years ago? species wide amnesia?!?!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Free Electrons from the Ground

Have you gone mad? why are you wearing shoes?! to block the free electrons you can get from the earth? have you no sense?!?! wake up! those free electrons have been proved by science to replenish your subatomic defense system (i.e. antioxidants).
Science has established that there are indeed molecular machines that can carry and donate an electrical charge. Every cell, plant and animal, have developed an enzyme responsible for keeping the free radicals or reactive oxygen species at bay. 
What seems to happen, is that the Mitochondria, an organelle and the power house of the cell, creates reactive oxygen species as a by-product of cell respiration. These reactive species are violent, as they are missing an electron on their outer shell, which causes them to snatch electrons from existing structures. This essentially causes the structure to collapse, driving a cascade of events leading to gene expression of an inflammatory response.
However, antioxidants that are created by the cell can donate an electron to the reactive radical, thus neutralizing it's violent nature. These are antioxidants like Coenzyme Q10, which are created by organelles like the Mitochondria for the purpose of creating ATP energy in a process called Electron Transport Chain. Transporting electrons can be achieved by specialized enzymes, just like CoQ10. Other known antioxidants are Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase and more.
Vitamin C and E are known antioxidants as well. Vitamin C is water soluble, so it can be found to travel freely in the bloodstream. On the other hand, vitamin E is fat soluble, and it requires fat for transport and as an environment to reside. Vitamin E is found in LDL particles and cell membranes, where it is responsible to protect the zone under it's molecular interactions. Vitamin C has been observed to replenish vitamin E. This exchange of electrical charge between antioxidants is natural.
What scientists, like Dr. Sinatra and Dr. Oschman, have observed; is that prolonged inflammation is a consequence of our disconnection from the stream of 'Free Electrons' from the ground. It appears, that the sun's solar wind or flares charge up the ionosphere, and in turn, the ionosphere charges up the ground via lightning. There is always a connection between the heavens and the earth, continuous lightning events occur all over the planet. 
To think about it. We have been disconnected from the ground, and we find a lot of support from consuming food that has electrically charged antioxidants. Vegetables, fruits, herbs and animals; all have antioxidants and all have a connection to the ground. We simply eat them to get what we essentially can get from walking barefoot. The question is, can this be applied daily? Will this justify reducing the amount of plant matter we consume in favor of eating more fat and protein? We certainly run better on fat then on carbohydrates. 
The data reveals, that walking on moist soil or grass is best, because of the higher conductivity. Our skin conducts, and standing on the moist soil or grass for 30 minutes has the ability to replenish all the tissues in the body; from feet to head. I spend at least 30 minutes a day barefoot, and by the time I'm done I can definitely feel a lightness in every organ in my body. My brain feels it usually towards the end of the 30 minutes. However, keep in mind that RF (Radio Frequencies), which have been observed to disrupt Mitochondria function, can cause a few minutes of a slight headache (a consequence of cellphone radiation and wifi).
In conclusion, antioxidants are molecular machines that can carry and donate an electrical charge. The soil is electrically charged by a series of events, originating from the sun, and these free electrons are ubiquitous and in reach of all lifeforms. Connecting to the earth replenishes the entire bodies electrical charge, which has an effect on blood viscosity (turning it from a red ketchup to red wine, like Dr. Sinatra likes to put it), rapidly heals wounds and helps with stress and sleep. 
Be sure to walk barefoot, at least once a day.

Dr. James Oschman on Energy Medicine

PhD James Oschman Quantum biology 011

Dr. James Oschman Discusses Earthing or Grounding [interview by Dr. Mercola]

J Altern Complement Med. 2011 April; 17(4): 283–285. doi: 10.1089/acm.2011.0101 PMCID: PMC3151462 Chronic Disease: Are We Missing Something? James L. Oschman, PhD
[Dr. James Oshman, "Did we miss something?"]

THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE Volume 13, Number 9, 2007, pp. 955–967 © Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. DOI: 10.1089/acm.2007.7048 Can Electrons Act as Antioxidants? A Review and Commentary JAMES L. OSCHMAN, Ph.D.
[Can free electrons act as antioxidants? Dr. James Oshman Review]

J Environ Public Health. 2012; 2012: 291541. Published online 2012 January 12. doi: 10.1155/2012/291541 PMCID: PMC3265077 Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth's Surface Electrons Gaétan Chevalier, Stephen T. Sinatra, James L. Oschman, Karol Sokal and Pawel Arianne Sokal
[In the study there is a list of benefits from exposing your skin to energy from the earth]

J Altern Complement Med. 2012 Jul 3. [Epub ahead of print] Earthing (Grounding) the Human Body Reduces Blood Viscosity-a Major Factor in Cardiovascular Disease. Chevalier G, Sinatra ST, Oschman JL, Delany RM. Source 1 Developmental and Cell Biology Department, University of California at Irvine , Irvine, CA.
[In a recent study, July 2012, the power of free electrons from the earth has shown to reduce the sticking of blood cells to each other, what promotes health issues and particularly atherosclerosis]

The Evidence - Electromagnetic Changes in our Solar System [A Review]

The Evidence - Electromagnetic Changes in our Solar System [A Review] 


Discussion #1

Should we be adopting a vegan/vegetarian diet as a short term therapy?

We are Omnivorous lifeforms. The human body is a result of plant formation leading to bacterial formation, which leads to plant lifeforms sustainablity, which then makes multicellular lifeforms possible. Each feeds the next, and multicellular organisms return their waste products back to the plant for recycling. 

Our bodies require certain minerals in adequate amounts in order for our Subatomic Defense System to fully function and combat free radical creation and imbalance. The Plant Kingdom is our gateway for detoxification, while the Animal Kingdom is our gateway for Sexuality and Lipid accessibility for growth.

If you are familiar with the Gerson Therapy and watched the documentary [The Gerson Miracle], you are definitely aware of the Plant Kingdom's powerful effects on illnesses and degenerative diseases of all kind. Their ability to replenish the animal's innate Subatomic Defense System has proven effective in humans already. Drinking a few cups of vegetable juice a day has an effect of flooding our whole system to a great degree as to relieve cellular stress from free radicals and allowing the cell to switch back to expressing genes that promote formation of machines and mechanisms that repair itself.

However, as far as the benefits of a full blown vegetable diet gives, we miss many important vitamins and nutrients from feeding on animal products. Like amino acids essential in formation of those innate Subatomic Defense System machines (e.g. Methionine in SAM-e and formation of Glutathione). Also the essential Vitamin B12 that is important in Homocysteine conversion to Methionine and thus averting Homocysteine's role in Atherosclerosis.

From an Evolutionary stand point, we fed on the Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Both sustained us and nourished us, but we have been exposing our intracellular environments to malnourished Kingdoms, thus a simple reduction of defense capabilities. If we practice feeding our plants chemicals, we practice nourishing our cells chemicals. If we choose the Organic Cycle, we can be consuming Kingdoms that in them are nourished cells with adequate minerals and vitamins, of which passes on to us and we expel it eventually to replenish our land.

Have we a tool for deep cellular healing?
Would you adopt a vegan or vegetarian therapy? Is it even possible considering Methionine is found in mostly animal products but also in sesame seeds? 
Would be need to revise our perception of vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, and mature a perspective of unity of both Kingdoms? Gerson therapy sounds like a miracle, and they do not require you to quit animal products. All you do is dose yourself with high quality organic nutrients and vitamins.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


There is more and more evidence that many staple foods we were pushed to consume were definitely not on our evolutionary plate. Our ancestors were omnivores, the prime animals to sample and thrive on all their environment. Beginning with plants and evolving to eat meet and fish, we find that all these supplements into our diets early on helped shape the mechanisms and pathways that maintain our intracellular and subatomic stability and beneficiary function.

 The paleolithic era of human evolution, which spans a 2.5 million years of evolution, was characterized by a hunter and gatherer diet. Wild game, fish, the occasional eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and mostly thriving on fat as a main source of caloric energy. There are twice the calories in fat than in carbohydrates or protein, and most of the organs in the human body prefer to run on saturated fat from our diet.

Saturated Fat has been attacked by the corporations agenda to push products like soy oil, corn oil, sunflower and safflower oils, but we simply do not run well on them. Malnutrition does not occur like magic, it takes months and years of depriving the essential building blocks of biological machinery to exhibit adverse consequences of consuming malnourished produce (like in the case of Conventional Mono-cultural and Agricultural practices). However, abstinence from GMO produce and consuming Organically grown food have demonstrated swift recoveries, like magic. Why?

Plants can be malnourished as well. Organic practices rotation of crops in order to perpetually maintain soil equilibrium. Nutrients, like zinc, selenium and copper, that are continually replenished in the ground are taken up by the plant and past down to whomever digests them. Conventional agriculture exhausts essential nutrients in the ground and end up having to bombard their crops with synthetic supplements. They eat synthetic, you eat synthetic.

These three essential nutrients (i.e. Zinc, Copper and Selenium) are key components that our Innate Subatomic Defense System requires in adequate amounts in order to be created and carry out their antioxidant role. Replenishing these minerals is highly important in your journey to reduce oxidative stress from free radicals, thus preventing or resolving inflammation, thus promoting an environment for the cell to switch it's behavior to that of a thriving cell, of which can collectively function in it's community to carry out larger roles of organs and eventually the entire animal form.

Basically, starving on a cellular level eats away at the entire body, but because it's microscopic it rusts slowly and with passing time the animal form will be of an old and degenerating being. It's interesting to ponder, how we are born into a physical world and we have to learn in the physical world how to maintain a physical form. We lost a lot of knowledge on the way, who knows what was stored in the libraries of Alexandria and what our ancestors knew that we have the bible describing physical ancestors who thrived for hundreds of years. Was the expulsion from the Garden of Eden not our sudden wakening up to our surroundings but the amnesia that befell on human kind?

One thing is certain, scientist are able to observe nature and carry out clinical trial that are forming our New Libraries of Alexandria. The ample knowledge that can be pulled out and spread out to better humans and animals all around our unified plant. Our health comes from food, whether mentally, emotionally or physically, but our foods health depends on us. As a species dominating this plant, we have destroyed that cycle and it can only be maintained if the one that depends becomes responsible for all.

Sources of Zinc, Copper and Selenium can be found in leafy greens (like Kale, Mustard and Chard) as well as in Nuts and Seeds. Almonds also contain CoQ10, a very important antioxidant and machine that is found in the mitochondria in it's creation of ATP energy. The same energy that drives other processes in the cell that cannot function without it. Brazil nuts are high in Selenium, so make sure if you eat any, just about 2 a day. Other sources; Walnuts (Omega 3 fatty acids), Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds. Soaking over night will enhance the quantity and quality of the nutrients in your nuts and seeds.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


So, there are a few things I will cover that will help you better understand how to view your physical body. There is, what I coin, a Subatomic Defense System along with an Immune System in our body. Towards the end you will learn about Probiotic importance.

About the Subatomic Defense System
Starting from smaller scale. Atoms thrive for an Octet. That is what makes them stable, a sort of thrive for perfection, to be like the noble gases, but in a sense creating communities of matter, working together to shape things. A Free Radical is when an atom is missing an electron on it’s outer shell and it becomes violent, in search for an electron to complete it. It will violently react with any protein, tissue, anything in it’s vicinity.

Free Radicals can be created in a few ways:
  • Heating (like in cooking food)
  • UV light
  • Cell respiration (Mitochondria)
  • Neutrophil defense mechanism

Antioxidants are natural complexes that donate electrons, so they are able to neutralize Free Radicals. Antioxidants are ubiquitous in the plant kingdom. Photosynthesis requires electron transporting, and that is the plant cell respiratory mechanism, so the plant requires it’s own innate antioxidant defense system (“Subatomic Defense System”) in order to balance the Free Radicals created in the respiratory process.

Much like our Mitochondria in our cells, it creates energy and there is a mechanism called “Electron Transport Chain” which requires specialized proteins that transport electrons. These same specialized proteins (e.g. CoQ10) act as antioxidants too. For some reason, in western cultural diet CoQ10 declines with age, about from the age of 20, and the culprit is probably fructose (watch on youtube the series “Skinny on Obesity”, they refer to a phenomena called “Mitochondria Meltdown” from fructose consumption).

Anyway, our physical bodies wake up and make a lot of energy depending on the mental mind demands. Brushing our teeth, energy, walking to the car, energy, writing an article, energy. Our system is able to replenish itself, but sooner or later we are depleted from antioxidants and once our innate Subatomic Defense System is impaired... then damage to cell structure occurs, then damage to DNA occurs and consequently cancerous behaviour follows.

There are a few innate antioxidant enzymes in our human cells (Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase), and they require elements like Copper, Zinc and Selenium in adequate amounts in order to function. Those you can find in good amounts in Nuts and Seeds. I soak my nuts every night (haha). All seeds in nature come with defense mechanisms (toxins) that inhibit digestion by animals, insects and bacteria. Soaking them gives them conditions for sprouting, and so the defense melts away and nutrients are enhanced, plus their bioavailability rises.

Moving on, replenishing these antioxidant systems is crucial. The inflammatory response, which can be triggered by cellular damage from excess free radicals, can turn from an acute one to a chronic one. Prolonged inflammation scars tissue and delays the cells return to communal service for the greater good of the multicellular organism. Reducing oxidative stress is key to relieving the cells tension, which is then able to move to a state of repair. The inflammatory response can also be called, the cells “Demolition and Reconstruction” process.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is present in all cells membranes. Vitamin C can replenish vitamin E. There is what is called a “Synergistic Effect”, where taking different antioxidants together and they help each other boost one another. That is why making a herbal remedy with dozens of different medicinal herbs can induce a greater effect. Same thing with juicing vegetables. Imagine abundantly flooding your system a few times a day with a cup of fresh organic vegetable juice. It replenishes your Subatomic Defense Systems, thus relieving oxidative stress, thus making way for cell repair and cell proliferation. Imagine a domino effect when drinking vegetable juice. It will replenish all your cells and if you do it enough as a therapy, it can get all the way to your skin.

Now that the importance of the Subatomic Defense System is understood. Let me tell you of a new form of revelation in nutritional science. Free Electrons from the ground! Dr. Sinatra and Dr. Oshman have done much work in the field of energy medicine. The sun charges up the ionosphere, which charges up the earth via lightening, and when we walk barefoot, those Free Electrons replenish our body and neutralize free radicals. We are meant to walk barefoot for our health.

Next in line, I will talk about evolution and nutrition. But first! A question.. what is the number one abused organ in the human body? pineal gland! nah... heart! close.... digestive tract! BINGO!
Something happened approx. 10,000 years ago, we call it the advent of agriculture. It was the beginning of the dark ages for the human physical body. 2.5 milion years of evolution on a hunter and gatherer diet, and suddenly agriculture happened. Some say it was necessary in order to sustain the human population of which was booming at the time. One thing is certain, it consisted of nutrient sources that the human digestive tract was not adapted to handle. What more, only in the last 100 years we have been consuming processed food and vegetable oils, things that are not found in their forms in nature.

Lets start with Cereal grains.
Studies have shown that all grains contain storage proteins called “Prolamins”. In wheat we got Gliadin, in rye we have Secalin etc. What studies have revealed is that these storage proteins stimulate secretion of a protein in the gut that regulates the tight junctions between the absorption cells (called Enterocytes). The term is called “Leaky Gut”, when gaps or “holes” are created in the gut lining, allowing partially digested proteins and more to seep through the filtration barrier. The regulatory protein that controls these tight junctions is called “Zonulin” and it regulates the tight junctions in the Blood-Brain Barrier as well. Studies have revealed that gliadin in many cases is partially digested to a 7 amino-acid chain called “Gliadorphin”, which has opioid properties (like morphine) and it activates about 3 opioid receptors in the brain. But, lets compare it to casein, the storage protein in milk. There is two types of casein, type A1 and type A2. Studies suggest that about 5000 years ago there was a mutation in the casein protein and one amino acid changed. It appears that casein A1 breaks down in digestion to a 7 amino acid protein called “β-casomorphin 7” of which (somehow) finds it’s way up to the brain and stimulates 45 opioid receptors. 15 times more potent than gliadorphin! No study has delved into the possibility of casein being able to stimulate secretion of zonulin, thus making gaps in the gut lining, but common sense helps. Milk is a superfood. Babies need milk, because their digestive tract is not fully functional... so nature was smart enough to add in a mechanism that will help their guts bypass digestion and open the gates for nutrients into the bloodstream. Makes sense? I’d think so.

So, I covered cereal grains and milk. Now to Vegetable oils!
It all comes down to long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids - Omega 6 and Omega 3. Both very sensitive to oxidation, but both very important for the cells innate inflammatory response. It has been found that they both have anti-inflammatory pathways (also Omega 6), only Omega 6 does have a pro-inflammatory pathway. They are found to be materials that are used to create proteins, of which affect inflammatory expression down to the transcription of DNA. However, it appears that excess Omega 6 in the diet can create a more prolonged inflammatory environment, that which has to be balanced back by consuming Omega 3 rich foods. Scientific evidence has proven that our brains developed from consuming fish. Our ratio of Omega 3 to 6 in our body, and particularly in our brain, is identical to that found in fish.

Vegetable oils are packed with omega 6. Creating an imbalance in our bodies.
Consuming too many omega fats at all can compete with other fats for space in cell membranes. Those fats are sensitive to oxidation, and thus a cell membrane with too much omega fats is prone to setting off inflammatory responses. They should be taken, but our bodies prefer to run on saturated fat.

Now, Sugar! Addictive and deadly. Dr. Robert Lustig has done tremendous work on that issue (worth watching the youtube series “The Skinny on Obesity”). I will talk about it and it will lead us into the issue of probiotics. Sugar is toxic in the blood. Insulin protects our system from sugar toxicity by helping it go into cells, but also converting it into fats for later use. Refined sugar or digested complex carbohydrates, both stimulate insulin. Sugar nourishes pathogen bacteria. Those bacteria find a substrate to thrive on, and sooner or later they gain momentum and launch an attack on the host. Call it the flu, call it infection.. it’s termed Dysbiosis. A condition of imbalance of bacteria in the gut. Certain bacteria thrive on certain food, digesting it and making it more bioavailable for us to absorb. It is a symbiotic relationship and once the Human Microbiome Project will be complete in 2013, we will all have a broader understanding of probiotic relationship and importance for human health.

Before citrus fruit was discovered as a remedy for scurvy on long sea voyages, sailors used sauerkraut. Even Captain James Cook ordered once 25,000 barrels of sauerkraut on one of his voyages. The process of fermentation produces lactic acid bacteria called Lactobacillus, that improve digestion. They consume complex carbs and proteins, and secrete lactic acid, which creates a beneficial environment for immune cells to thrive. 85% of our immune system is in our guts, so something like that is important. Furthermore, they make many vitamins and minerals more available for us, and some strains help break down fats, and create anti-inflammatory fatty acids. They also have been found to neutralize toxins and remove heavy metals. They are considered a forgotten organelle... they complete us.

Another thing to know is that certain vegetables strengthen probiotic bacteria. These are vegetables containing polysaccharides called “Inulin”. They are found in Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Cauliflower, Mushrooms and more. A study found that consuming probiotics with Inulin on a high fat diet provided protection for the probiotic bacteria from the bile acids, and helped it grow.

This is all for now. Of course there is so much more, but if you’re interested I am here to talk. Leave me a comment and I will reply.

Joel Jacobson

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Composition #1

Teaching requires learning, but this knowledge should have been passed down to us by our parents. The borders of reason and rationality have been obscured by the corporations agenda to increase profit while disregarding and degenerating the human condition. We are what we eat, and mad men have burned libraries down before as they will do the same again. All in the name of emotional abuse, greed. We have been driven by fear to believe we need and can only survive on man made technologies - medicine. Nature is our databank of medicine, but we call it nutrition.

Our instruments of perceiving our reality have evolved, and consequently we do to. We think we understand our environment, but we exhibit a hard time adapting new found knowledge for out health. Many people have been perceptively abused by the advent of the Tube, and believe they know how life is like, based upon the flashes of color and sound streamed and controlled by one.

How were we struck with a species wide amnesia? How were we lead to consume foods that have abused our gates to health for twelve thousand years? We stimulate our amnesia with addiction, only to realize it has been addicting after abstaining from it for long enough to reap medicinal relief and benefits. Our desires for perpetual equilibrium, in our minds, in our hearts and in our guts, has beaten our cultural morals into question. Confused as we get to be, dismal as it may seem, the trust we place in a white-coated cheat, and the decision over our health falls between the greens in our pockets to the greens in our salads. As we debate the irony of how convenient and comfortable our one life has been made for us, just to deprive us from the power of self-sufficient skills we could posses. Sovereignty is a choice, while freedom is a state of mind. Forever pursuing liberty to express and articulate our creativity, becoming fervently caring for the health of our next in kin. Thoughts are shared, as emotions are expressed, but our bodies manifest. Could an apple think it is an apple, just to be an apple? Would I need to think as a libertarian in order to function as one? Maybe that is how we could place the fun into the action. Fear has betrayed our perception of our role on this plane of existence. The soil under our bare feet, as it mingles sub-atomically in an array of exchange, maintains our grip of perceptual unity. Our systems are aware of each other, our consciousness interwebs the holographic choices of real-time yearnings. As we intermittently exit and enter our mental confinement, that leaves our next in kin guessing where we had disappeared to and how we safely returned to our common ground. Sagacity is an acquired taste, achieved on a journey of self-discovery, after many falls and springs, to leap across a bride that extends on lines of sound and verse.