Saturday, November 24, 2012

Composition #1

Teaching requires learning, but this knowledge should have been passed down to us by our parents. The borders of reason and rationality have been obscured by the corporations agenda to increase profit while disregarding and degenerating the human condition. We are what we eat, and mad men have burned libraries down before as they will do the same again. All in the name of emotional abuse, greed. We have been driven by fear to believe we need and can only survive on man made technologies - medicine. Nature is our databank of medicine, but we call it nutrition.

Our instruments of perceiving our reality have evolved, and consequently we do to. We think we understand our environment, but we exhibit a hard time adapting new found knowledge for out health. Many people have been perceptively abused by the advent of the Tube, and believe they know how life is like, based upon the flashes of color and sound streamed and controlled by one.

How were we struck with a species wide amnesia? How were we lead to consume foods that have abused our gates to health for twelve thousand years? We stimulate our amnesia with addiction, only to realize it has been addicting after abstaining from it for long enough to reap medicinal relief and benefits. Our desires for perpetual equilibrium, in our minds, in our hearts and in our guts, has beaten our cultural morals into question. Confused as we get to be, dismal as it may seem, the trust we place in a white-coated cheat, and the decision over our health falls between the greens in our pockets to the greens in our salads. As we debate the irony of how convenient and comfortable our one life has been made for us, just to deprive us from the power of self-sufficient skills we could posses. Sovereignty is a choice, while freedom is a state of mind. Forever pursuing liberty to express and articulate our creativity, becoming fervently caring for the health of our next in kin. Thoughts are shared, as emotions are expressed, but our bodies manifest. Could an apple think it is an apple, just to be an apple? Would I need to think as a libertarian in order to function as one? Maybe that is how we could place the fun into the action. Fear has betrayed our perception of our role on this plane of existence. The soil under our bare feet, as it mingles sub-atomically in an array of exchange, maintains our grip of perceptual unity. Our systems are aware of each other, our consciousness interwebs the holographic choices of real-time yearnings. As we intermittently exit and enter our mental confinement, that leaves our next in kin guessing where we had disappeared to and how we safely returned to our common ground. Sagacity is an acquired taste, achieved on a journey of self-discovery, after many falls and springs, to leap across a bride that extends on lines of sound and verse.

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