Saturday, February 8, 2014

The benefit of RAW food

If you choose to eat food out of necessity for your health, and you have been on plenty of food fad diets but had never felt satisfied, it might be because your food choices are dead and what your body strongly resonates with is live and living food to strengthen your life urges.

RAW is a natural state of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds as well as meat and fish. Even though meat and fish you may consider eating cooked, there are many benefits in eating them raw, as cooking is applying heat to molecular structures that disfigure their protein pattern and render many vitamins and enzymes from functioning properly.

The only source of meat that I would ever recommend a person to consume raw is pastured raised meat. Why? Because this is meat that had come from a living animal who has had a fulfilling life, filled with harmonious moments with natural landscapes and an evolutionary diet, of which supplied the animal with life strengthening urges. Urges that are imprinted into the cellular memory and imparted on the one who consumes it, as s/he inherits the state of food the moment it enters its body.

Pasteurization is harmful for our physiology. It is a process of taking raw food, which is filled with bacteria, in the sake of annihilating that population out of shirr ignorance to which population actually exists in that medium. It began with milk, and now you may find a whole lot of beverages out there that are pasteurized and seldom labeled so.

Moreover, due to the absence of beneficial populations of naturally occurring bacteria (probiotics) in food and beverages as a results of pasteurization, many of these food that have high amounts of sugar, tend to shift their beneficial state into a harmful one. Raw sugar is just fine to consume, as it comes within a mixture of vitamins and minerals that balance its acidity and support its transition and digestion inside our body. 

Refined sugar on the other hand, which is added to so many processed foods, drives us to gain weight, numb our nervous system (and our sensitivity to our environment) and begin the clogging up of our arteries (see my article Sugar Disease: Atherosclerosis).

Real food decays, and processed food in many cases outlives you. Homemade food is not always an option for someone with a busy mind frame, though you will be surprised that you may be able to find someone who would be willing to prepare for you meals for a reasonable price. The power of community begins by identifying key roles people want to fulfill. Strengthening their passion that brings forth their creativity and life urges, has got to be a wonderful gift to give. One of which will certainly be rewarded with deliciousness in every meal.

My very good friend, Allana, has a passion for RAW food. She also has got a blog, where she shares a lot of her recipes with ample photos to drool over. Her blog is called: The Art of Food Combining; and she has plenty of experience and knowledge to share on the subject of food combining for healthy eating.

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