Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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'Although, no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can start now and make a new end.' - Chico Xavier.
I am happy to welcome you to my life's dedication. I am on a marvelous journey in understanding my life, and it began about 3 years ago. I had figured out that I am passionate in helping others and in self improving myself endlessly. I had gained a lot of wisdom, one of which is simple, that if I want to learn how to heal others, I must first learn how to heal myself. When I took this approach, my life urges strengthened and I began first by scrutinizing the physical aspect of nutrition.

I believe that I am the ultimate experimenter and my body is the only true and honest laboratory. In that rests my energy body, which is represented physically by the nervous system, and the many expressions of my organs that function in unison in order to provide me a crystal clear and joyous ride in the playground of life. Life is simple, and is meant to be enjoyed. With healthy habits, that can only be acquired through gathering knowledge, pondering on it and putting it to the test, I extend the quality of life into reality.

Usually people start with reading books; completions and collections of and by an author. Then get enough of a big picture, to start reading the fine print on their own. What I did, was I diligently read and reread terms and results, on many different studies, ranging from animal tests and human tests. Some were also done on plants, in order to assess their antioxidant capacities. My focus was to get online data, and my story in full can be found here.

Today, I live in the Bay Area of California in America, and have been sharing my thoughts on the data to many people. I can talk about Mitochondrial Nutrition, Bacterial Nutrition, Molecular Nutrition, and Spiritual Nutrition (which include emotional nutrition and mental nutrition).

If you have seen one of my presentations or like what you read here, and want to invite me to speak about my findings, please contact me.

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