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Interconnectivity of Spiritual and Physical Detoxification

The physical body must be encouraged to clean itself out of stored toxins from foods we had long ago consumed. Weaning off of sugar and many other addictions is tough, but through a detoxifying program and period of time, one reduces his cravings for particular acid forming foods. Detoxifying is sort of like fasting, but guiding your body to recover from the awakening nerves to the cravings of dormancy. The sleeping nerves in your body are numb due to food consumption, and in particular the acid diets out there (bread, pasta, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine etc. etc. etc.)

To understand the interconnectivity of Body and Mind in the aspect of rage, one finds that literature always refers to rage and anger originate from the Liver.

We have a 2nd Brain

In our head-space we have our main brain, but in the body-space we have a few plexuses with as much neurons as the spine and the most primitive brain of all is our 2nd Brain - the Gut.

It is connected via the Vagus nerve and communicates to the Brain. This is not a one sided communication, but rather a two sided. The 2nd Brain is very much stimulated by exposure to large dosages of substances introduced through our intake of food and drink. When food is first absorbed into the bloodstream, its first destination is the Liver.

The Liver is the Orchestrator

The Liver is like a command center that deals with most of the gut's activities. When one consumes protein, the Liver will store what it needs, send off when the body requires and flush out what the body doesn't need. Same goes with Lipids (Fats). Carbohydrates is another story, for a different chapter.

Toxins in food affect mood

One of the things missed by many is how food affects our mood and where our psychological expression originates. We are made up of millions of cells. These cells LOVE a particular environment, a specific condition of pH and ratios of minerals. They get upset, and this message is transmitted through behavior to the communities surrounding it. An expression of a large community of cells (like an Organ like the Liver), will be picked up by the main translator of electrical impulses (the Brain) and interpreted as an emotion (Energy-motion).

When we eat grains that were grown GMO or sprayed heavily, or we eat vegetables and fruits that were sprayed with insecticides, herbicides and pesticides, these residues find their way into our gut... they make their way across into the bloodstream... they reach the Liver and the Liver is suddenly struck with a decision. It has to store it or flush it, because either way, it is toxic.

This toxicity harms the Liver and causes it to express a signal to the brain. This signal can very well be the rage and anger from this toxic situation.

Reducing Toxin toxicity

When toxins find their way into the bloodstream, the Liver must do something with it in order to deal with the damaging effect of these carcinogens.

The first thing it wants to do is make that toxin none-toxic, so it binds it to a fat. Many toxins are fat-soluble, so they are easily attached to fatty acids and stored in fat cells. So many of the fat build ups you have in your body, especially if you are overweight, can very well be fats with toxins from years ago, when you ate conventional sprayed food.

When you begin working out, or you start demanding more from your body, as well as, go on a zero-carb diet, your body begins to tap into the fat storages to release fats for energy. These fats that have toxins in them also release the toxins, which make their way to the Liver and the Liver must once again decide what to do with the toxin.

Should it shove it back into a fat cell or detoxify it?

Detoxifying Toxins

When one goes on a detox program, for a week, 2 weeks or more, one sets up his body to ideal detoxifying conditions in order to minimize damage from toxins and allow the Liver to flush out those toxins via the Urine and Colon.

The Liver goes through 2-3 stages of detox, which are crucial to understand in order to maximize the Liver's capacity to transmute the fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble toxins. Once these toxins are transmuted into water-soluble, they are no long toxic, and can be sent to the kidneys in order to be filtered out into the Urine, or secreted through the Gall-Bladder into the digestive tract, where ample fiber can soak the toxins up and carry them out through the colon via the stool.

The overall effect of Detoxifying

Your gastrointestinal tract is like a tube, a pipe, that needs maintenance and preparation for incoming traffic. When you combine certain food and eat from toxic sources, your pipe gets clogged up. What happens when a pipe gets clogged up? The transit time through it decreases and the absorption rate and availability of many nutrients is impaired. Metabolism slows down, and your performance slowly declines.

Going back to exercise, even mental exercise and energy exercise (both require physical movements to illicit a cause for a reaction), requires energy. If your body is toxic, these toxins will affect your Liver mood, and will affect your brain receptors (causing mental fogginess).

When you detoxify, you clean up your pipes and allow all your organs a clean environment to operate from. This will allow you an easier access to stored energy in your body, without adverse effects of fatigue and laziness.

A detox every so often, like a maintenance plan, will keep you healthy and proactive for you to reach your desirable goals.

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