Friday, January 9, 2015

Nutrition webinar "Breaking the Death Habit" | 12-13-2014

To wrap up 2014, I had hosted my first webinar regarding nourishment. I offered it to students who are part of the online Self Mastery University - Evolved Ministry - where I study mastery of energy mechanics and universal connection, and where I offer an online nutrition course.

The title of the webinar is: "Breaking the Death Habit"

This webinar has a 20 min presentation with slides,
followed by 40 min of open sharing and discussion.

Nutrition webinar "Breaking the Death Habit" | 12-13-2014 [youtube link]

The presentation covers the following topics in order;
  • Introduction by the Host
  • Preliminary Energy Body Anatomy
  • Internal Engines and Reprogramming
  • What is a Habit?
  • The Difference between Focusing on the Problem
    and Focusing on the Solution
  • The Difference between Creative and Constructive Thoughts
    and Self Destructive Thoughts.
  • Scientific View - Photoelectric Effect
  • Conclusions

Any and all comments are welcome.
Enjoy the show!

by Joel Jacobson

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