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Progress to Mastering Nutrition

   I know that this information isn't knew to many of you. Grains, milk, mostly sugar, cause a horrible environment inside your physical body. What have you done to shack the horrible nature of this cultural brainwash? have you taken measures to change your diet? have you taken measures to inform others? 

   Reality is a funny thing; the more you talk about something, the more you make it a reality. Sugar is toxic, and if you read my articles, you know it to be true. We don't simply see people become obese, insulin resistant, sick and die. They are eating food that come in a deadly form, that causes a spick in the sugar index in the bloodsteam,. This alerts the system that something is wrong, mostly in the form of oxidation and inflammatory stress. 

   A signal does travel to the brain, which interprets it as a set of commands. Send help! Need building blocks to form molecular machines! The brain utilizes the rest of the bodies multicellular machines, i.e. the organs, to develop enzymes for protection (Insulin from the Pancreas) and building blocks for quality (cholesterol from the liver). Cells can create cholesterol, but under stress they require organs to direct their mechanisms that are turned on when the inflammatory response goes off. 

   When you are injured, in any kind of way, the inflammatory response kicks in. This is done utilizing Omega 6 and Omega 3. They are fats in the cell wall, and they are sensitive to oxidation (unlike saturated fat). We can observe that oxidation happens easily when heat is applied to polyunsaturated fatty acids - omega 3 and omega 6. The oxidation of them switchs on a mechanism of inflammation by creation of proteins, that activate a cascade of molecular interactions of which changes gene expression. 

    This sudden expression of genes, has been studied by the Epigenetic field of research, a field that emerged from the Human Genome Project. Applying classical perspectives into it is futile, as DNA, molecules and their behaviors are a projection of a quantum mechanical perspective. Classical mechanics view reality as a physical object, while quantum mechanics adds multiple realities to this observed object. 

    You are essentially looking at a fabric of space, inhabited by signal changes. Who is signaling this? Epigenetic research reveals, that the behavior of cells are, by Epigenetic perspective, influenced by thought, emotions and your behavior in the physical dimension. Nutrition is a science of observation. You lack the language of observation, you lack the connection to that field. 

   We all want to be multidimensional beings, knowing many things and leaving life out in many areas, pursuing passions and pleasures. However, we seldom do wake up to a passion that entitles us with knowledgeable powers of healing. When we find the right field of our choice, we find that we can make a difference, not in our world, but in our many worlds. The many faces we see everyday. The many faces we remember, that we have waiting at their home, and the many faces that we get to meet later on, because of the efforts we placed in sharing our knowledge and time.

    The state of the matter is, that nutrition is on your mind one time or another. And when it does, it has been set confused, and that confuses your body. The essence of the story goes, if we believe in evolution, that the nature of our nutrition is based fundamentally on our ancestral diet. This truth, when taken in, raises questions, as to what they ate and how is that compared to today?

   If you are western, you are eating based upon the pyramid sceam. This can be traced back to the advent of agriculture, when pyramids were built by gods and these advance civilizations taught the forgetful human how to reap the benefits from grains and legumes, after the flood. This forgetfulness of humans, of the nature of their food, is largely based upon the sudden disappearance of large mammals at the end of the Pleistocene, about 12,000 years ago[a]. 

    Many cultures refer to this time of inundation. Many accounts of the same story; of an ark that saved many animal species. And then a recording system of progression of human kind too and their cryptic origin. The proof, can be found in the many cultures around the world, all can reach your ears if you ask to hear. You can also find it in Michael Wynn's "The Soul Travelers" on youtube at the first 20 minutes.

The state of the mind, is the importance of nutrition from a point of view of our fundamental adaptation, of our molecular machines, to certain substances. The life force we reap from certain sources of food. The Plant Kingdom is our purifier and connection to healing and purity of self, while the Animal Kingdom is our empowerment and connection to self realization and separation. As our quantum world suggests, we are all connected but it requires faith, and devotion, found in the human kingdom.

    We are the protectors of this planet. The ruling conscious vehicles, and both our Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are falling apart. Call it global warming, call it climate crisis. The climate crisis is inside of you. The crisis is an illusion. As, so far it has been shown by many, that once you utilize the environment for your gain, personally but for a humane and collective effort, you free yourself from ultimately destroying it. Adopting agriculture has substituted our source of protein and fat, that we used to get from animals.

    Meat is a dense nutrient source. We were able to develop a brain, as big as we had and now have, because of the prevalence of nutrients a carnivore requires in order to remain on top of the food chain. Yes, this food source makes us predators, but we can be humane predators, by raising our cattle in a humane way. This also insures, evidently, that our food source has a meat composition that best supplies our many enzymes and higher functional defenses.

   Inflammation is a defense mechanism of the cell. Where signals for enforcement and fortification of the area in question, are sent to the brain, which in turn supplies by mobilizing organs to keep up with the demand. However, faulty nutrition results in a poor response and death of tissue. Sugar oxidizes certain substances easier then others and insulin is sent to defend the intracellular environment. Insulin shuts down the livers ability to create stable energy homeostasis through proteins, as a response to the spike in sugar in the blood following a sugary meal. Simple sugars, complex carbohydrates, it's the same thing, same effect. Insulin defends the bloodstream environment and exposed arterial cells to sugars toxic effects, when in high amounts, by shuttling it into hungry cells until their satiated, and when they're full, insulin converts it into fat. Cholesterol is oxidized, because cholesterol is an antioxidant in a sense. Part of the cell membrane, part of the LDL particle as well as the HDL. Both are more prone for oxidation on a high carbohydrate diet and low-saturated fat diet. Since a fatty diet adds this essential building block to the cholesterol dependent molecular machinery in your cells, some of the complimentary mechanisms of cellular health requires cholesterol's special properties. Specifically since your neurons in your brain and nervous system are coated, basically, with this property.

 Macrophages that come to clean oxidized cholesterol, in the form of LDL particles, exhibit over time a degradation in their own defenses to the sugary environment, which causes them to rupture and form plaques in the arterial walls. The high oxidizing environment is essentially causing our immune cells difficulties in cleaning up the mess, that sugar started.

The opiate properties of sugar numb our sensation to our body's sensations, of pain signaling and more. It encourages addiction, of the self, causing dependance on a substance. We experience depression on it, we experience constipation on it. It finds it's way to affect the physical body's state of sensation, that numbs ourselves to the environment. When we abstain from it, we can smell the toxicity of sugar, and also the pain in it's direct consumption. The pain of a million cells being oxidized by a fierce environment promoted by sugars instability.

A spike of sugar, equals a spike in insulin - The protector of cells from sugars adverse effects in high quantities. Take insulin on a carbohydrate diet, and you relieve yourself of excessive pain. Abstain from carbohydrates, and you are on an ancestral diet. Which is, in retrospect, been a diet that is full of health benefits beyond a skeptics dream. 

Find out for yourself. 
Eat fatty food. 
Feel good.

Joel D. Jacobson

[a] Biol Rev Camb Philos Soc. 1991 Nov;66(4):453-562. Mammalian extinctions in the late Pleistocene of northern Eurasia and North America. Stuart AJ.

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