Friday, January 18, 2013

The Vision of the Perfect Human Being

Evolution - a concept that makes more and more sense when you investigate diseases and the methods used to cure them. It has been 2.5 million years, since the first species we recognize as human, has walked up right, used stone tools and gorged himself, or herself, on animals. Plants were prevalent and ubiquitous in the marshlands and parries of the bio-diversified nature on planet Earth. This same planet, that revolves around a source of light and life which travels across the galactic plain in its own cycle, has been home to many species of animals. Some are gone now, actually, a lot of them are gone and disappearing due to neglect by a dominant species of intellectual animals.

The disappearance of the diversity of life is replaced by the diversity of races within one species. Humans today place too much thought and consideration in what they see, and those who remain attached to the tube (i.e. television) are relaying on information constructed by mere opinion. The real change in life on planet Earth began with the practice of agriculture, that utilizes animals as a work force and pushes them off the land. Land that once teemed with life, from the biodiversity of bacterial populations symbiotically living with plants to the livestock that would flip the soil and fertilize it. 

Agriculture suddenly appeared, and there are no explanation on how and why humans suddenly decided to deviate from their natural blueprint and adopt technology that certainly does not mimic nature. When you think about it, if you live your entire life in an environment that teaches diversity and everyone around you were hunters or gathers in an established norm of expressing reality and their inherited knowledge, how does one go about intentionally collecting seeds and planting crops? how does one suddenly, after growing up with animals and hunting animals, decides to build fences to ward off animals and even cage them? to destroy the land for planting a single crop and steal the animals milk, that is intended for its offspring's development?

The mystery of agriculture is rooted in the mystery of the human race. Agriculture was a "revolution" started 10,000-12,000 years ago, which is less then 1 percent of human evolution. The human race begins with the Homo Erectus, when the brain developed to a size that allowed an intellectual capacity that propelled expression of creativity and dominance. Humans numbers were scarce but the developing skills of communication helped shape tribes and eventually civilizations that built several pyramid structures in scattered but geometrically coordinated locations on a global scale. 

The end of the paleolithic era heralded a drastic change in the human diet. The brain and nervous system, dependent on fatty sources of food as an essential building block, thrived on a condense nutrient source of animal fat and protein. The muscle was a good source of intake, however the many organs of the body were a delicacy that traditional cultures carry until today. As the oceans are so vast and the diversity of marine life was great as the diversity of life on land, fish were caught and feasted upon for their fatty content. Nuts and seeds were gathered, fruits and vegetables were too. The seasons offered a variety that sustained itself, with minimal input by any animal.

So, grazing was always done and you can be sure that animals graze and move on. They only keep picking at their food and overgrazing when they are caged in a small space. The human being has evolutionarily developed on an ecosystem that replenishes itself, and with a fast growing intellect for observing and recording by heart, it could easily stay on top of the food chain and utilize the plant kingdom and animal kingdom for more than just survival. Words had no meaning, as their were no boundaries between them and nature. Only the animals today bleat, bark or miyawo to express their frustration with humans incapability to communicate on an animal level.

Have we surpassed animals or have we lost our ability to co-experience life with them? The emotional attachment we used to have with other beings were replaced by emotional attachments to inanimate objects. We lost our perspective of life, lied to by the opinion that bodies age as quickly as they do today. Our perception of reality is largely built upon the holographic interface that spans in our immediate sensory vicinity. We hold more of a mental image of our experience, associating it with a personality that we see others construct for us, and the food we eat stimulates our mental centers while depressing our emotional sensation. We want to be happy, but we are kept thinking of happiness rather then simply and perpetually expressing it unconditionally.

Agriculture has made certain opiate chemicals a daily nutritional supplement that depresses our grip of our higher body's sensory capabilities. Grains make holes in our stomachs, milk is a potent opiate stimulant and sugar drives our addiction for a bottomless pit of satiety. A human being today is numb to his potential in life, is numb to the cage he's in and numb to the state of emotions he carries and that others express to him or in his presence. A human being loses this basic language with the world around him when he eats grains, milk and sugar. He neglects his responsibilities and resorts to a life of selfishness, because he experiences too much pressure from issues around him that he would normally care to fix when he is sober.

While the ocean is polluted and plastic bags are still being sold, or while paper is sold as living beings are chopped down, the average human being thinks that an average human being is suppose to live between four walls and pay taxes for a corporation that neglects insuring its health and instead subsidizes industries of pollution. Have human beings been living in a dark age for 12,000 years?

The concept of god exists. The traits of god are attributed to noble man. Compassion, caring, loving, accepting, diversity, creativity, abundance, giving. Many grow up within a religious mindset of a powerful being separate from us, but is with us at all times. If he created the world and created you, he must also have created your awareness and experience, and has been with you for eternity, because he is you. The concept of gods or of godly beings can be found in greek mythology and esoteric stories. The misunderstanding of others as superior or inferior then you is your own imagination and lack of self appreciation.

Can you say that you remember experiencing any other life other then the one you are experiencing right now? Human beings are magnificent creatures, as they are the evolutionary vessel adapted to express higher levels of consciousness. Call it consciousness or call it intellect. Try to fathom how atoms intelligently make relationships to form the building blocks of life. Our planet is a living ecosystem of diverse life, and we are it's constituents. Our brain and DNA transmit and receive on all frequencies, does that make us walking antennas? Are we the caretakers of a mothership - a planet speeding through space and time locked in a friendship and a community of planets around a sun?

The vision of the perfect human being begins with its self realization of divinity and service to the planet. He stands united with all forms of life, promoting an ecosystem that benefits the health of this mothership. If it desires to deviate from her blueprint, then he must be prepared to build his own ship and set sail. The perfect human being lets animals roam free so they can feed for their health and replenish the soil. He would plant food in his front lawn and mobilize others to seek truth and justice for the ways of a planet that pulsates its consciousness through its constituents.

We are the planet's expression on our plain of existence. We are surely built from the materials that circulate on it for eons and eons of time. Our nutrition is based upon practices dated back a long time ago and we can thank our ancestors for that.

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