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This article I liked above is a blessing. Many people today are taken on a ride that makes them believe in stuff like a Vegan diet and Vegetarianism. Lierre Keith, author of a book on such subjects from an experienced point of view, tells the story of the Vegetarian Myth, of which you can find a video on Youtube explained by her.

In the article I linked above she tells you the big story as why this type of diet fails. It can be backed by science, and it definitely is not a diet for the long run. I meet many people lately, older adults in their 50's and 60's, who had stopped being Vegan after 15-20 years because they got sick. There are deficiencies you can get in the early stages of such a diet, within a week, but long term deficiencies can result in a degenerative disease and specifically the slowing down of your cells and body wide systems due to lack of essential minerals and vitamins that fix your DNA and prevent the dysfunction of your Mitochondria.

A Vegan diet was a hit back in the 60's and 70's but today many people who did the Vegan experiment found themselves returning to a more complete diet. Many of them just return to mainstream omnivorous diets. Yes, the human being on this planet is an omnivore, but Lierre Keith explains why the advent of agriculture has exposed the human being to food-like stuff that it had not evolutionarily evolved to fully digest. Agriculture brought grains, sugar and access to milk, and later on to vegetable oils. All of which has promoted the formation of "civilization type diseases".

Lierre says, and I agree, that a vegan lifestyle destroys the plant as it supports and can only be done using agricultural practices. She explains that man has turned away from nature, and it begun it's transition when it took up agriculture. It is simple, agriculture does not mimic nature, but takes a land and converts it to a breeding ground devoid of livestock and plant diversity like nature makes. This also kills the soil, which is a living organism, a home to an infinite number of bacterial species that make the soil alive. Monoculture as the devistating practice is called, is a method that desires to reach a point of using only one crop for one land. This robs the soil of it's nutrients and the exposed soil to the sun causes the important layer of the soil to burn and kill those organisms. 

The soil is alive and for a good reason. The bacteria in it have been found to symbiotically live with plants in an exchange of matter. The bacteria feed on the soil and increase the bioavailability of minerals for the plant. This such soil can be engineered using compost techniques and creation of humus, like the company BioLogic Systems is able to produce. This engineering of the soil gives the plant access to so much food from the soil that it can grow pumpkins to an extreme size. This can be achieved and has been done in a competition for the Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa. Check out the picture:

The sick part of advocates of a vegan diet is their lack of information and the media using them to explain global warming causes. All the PhD's and MD's who wrote all these books or starred in some documentaries have strengthened the vegans connection to a plant base diet as the source of healing and the right way of life. Sure, we are killing animals, but animals have been killing animals forever. Sure, we are making livestock suffer in feedlots and slaughtering them by the hundreds, but have you even considered the fact that we are feeding them a diet that is making them sick and is killing them? What T. Colin Campbell and many other doctors who "cured" patients with diet interventions don't tell you is that they not only took their patients off of meat and meat products but prohibited them from consuming grains, sugars of any type, vegetable oils and drugs. If we do the same thing with our cattle, give them their grass back, they are cured. So, is it the vegan diet or the evolutionary diet?

Denise Minger has done the research for you, and found all that I said and more. In her video "How to win an Argument with a Vegan" she explains what an "Informed" vegan would have to say to back up their argument, and what is the truth of the matter if you really investigated it yourself. Here is her presentation:

Now, livestock is not the cause of global warming but agriculture is. Livestock is the solution for global warming as polyculture practices are. Many ancient civilizations fell after thousands of years of prosperity because they practiced agriculture, and then followed many years of land recovery. Allan Savory's findings into how livestock can reverse desertification is amazing, because it also means that any land we have avoided exposing livestock to has eroded and died. However, if you expose a desert land to high amounts of livestock all at once it regenerates the land, even if that same year there is a drought. You can find an article about him in my blog archive or just google him. 

Agriculture is supported by the vegan diet. If agriculture is the culprit in desertification of land, then vegans are supporting the destruction of the earth.

Our ancestors ate an omnivorous diet, which we call today the Paleolithic Diet or simple Paleo Diet. This includes meat that is raised on it's evolutionary diet, like grass-fed cows, but also consuming fish, eggs and the most important and nutritionally dense parts of the animals, their organs. Organ meat is hardly found in today's supermarkets but can be found in a butcher shop. Eating simple muscle is nothing compared to eating organ meat. Fat and protein are the building blocks of our higher nature, our nervous system and brain have evolved to their present day dimension due to exposure to high amounts of fat and protein in our ancestral diet. The diet of a hunter gatherer also includes vegetables, fruits and nuts. 

There is a reason why many people are turning away from a vegan diet to a more complete diet. However, many people are not educated or up-to-date about their ancestral diet of which their bodies are modeled upon. Stop eating grains today, start eating a Paleo diet, it will enhance your cell quality which is overall your entire body's quality.

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