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An Awakening Process - A True Story

 This is my experiences leading up to my first Astral Projection, and the consequences that followed.


I was raised all my life in Israel until I moved intentionally to California in September 2012, for further maturity of my soul and in order to gain wisdom from looking outside of the box that had contained me. 

My notion of the divine or of god was shaped by superficial imagination of people around me. I mean superficial, because it was only an experience they can relay to me on the surface of words. I didn't have experiences to backup the stories I've heard, so I had not much to relate to. This certainly kept me ignorant and distracted from seeking higher knowledge.

The first experience of the divine occurred under peculiar circumstances. It happened the morning after I sustained a life altering injury to my back during a midnight march with my unit in March-April of 2007 (during my service in the military). I carried too much on my back, to the point of stressing and inflaming the muscles surrounding my spine, between the shoulder blades. I couldn't sleep all night long, I was in a trance of everlasting pain, and I had not learned to speak up yet, so I kept the pain to myself.

The morning after the march, I ended up getting up in agony from bed, put on my uniform, and walk out in the twilight to the area of operations. Since it was very early, and no one would be awake for another couple of hours, I went into a club house, where we had a TV, Billiard table and long cushion benches, and I lay down carefully on my back, placed my hat on my face, and allowed myself to fall asleep.

I awoke into full consciousness. I was on a stone marble seat, in a light-filled room. In my hands is a long oval golden tray, with water and cloudy mud moving in patterns that I was reading and interpreting. On my right I heard a voice speaking to me, and I was conversing with it. I knew it as god. As I was preoccupied with the tray, a door straight ahead opens and a silhouette walks inside. I am still preoccupied, but the figure reaches me. I tell it, "Sit down". He doesn't comply. I repeat and say "Please sit down". Noticing that I haven't even looked up at him once, I raise my head and... wake up.

This experience kept me pondering long hours the essence of my existence. Even with my twin-mirror brother (whose entire internal organs are reversed due to a condition called "Situs Inversus") I would ponder infinity and ask paradoxical questions such as, "How did existence come to exist, if existence never existed.". 

Meanwhile, my twin brother shared with me something that had truly pulled me deeper into the realm of the mysterious. He told me about a friend of his who practices Astral Projection with his father. I was intrigued, but I was preoccupied with mundane life, so I didn't pursue it further. Though, my brother got a book about Astral Projection from 1929, and dug deeper into the subject. He soon claimed to have successfully Astral Projected. Fascinated, and in deep jealousy at such an incredible and pleasurable experience, I set forth to find out the truth for myself.

I spent hours... days... weeks... reading, thinking and wishing for an experience to happen to me. I didn't know any techniques, and simply meditated and tried to squeeze out of my body. Nothing worked. I had no real hope left. There just seemed to be something keeping me away from experiencing this phenomena for myself. 

I was now serving in a different unit than I had been. This time I was stationed half a mile from Gaza strip. Two weeks leading up to the new years of 2009, our base would be targeted by Hammas militants, and so we would have motor rockets fall on our base at 2 or 3 am. The sound of the impact always reminded me of someone slamming very loudly the top of a metal trash bin. Luckily I didn't get hurt, but others were less fortunate. 

After a Friday night dinner, rockets fell once more, but this time soldiers were injured badly. These were very terrifying times. The situation persisted far too long, and now that people were injured, the energy intensified and many were in a revengeful spirit.

On a Saturday morning, on December 28th, 2008, I awoke fearfully to the sound of dozens of explosions going off incredibly loud and fast. Frightened, I rolled out of my blanket and under my bunk bed, and waited for a slow in the rate of incoming fire. It never came. My friend in the bunk bed near to me agreed that we have to quickly place our gear on and run for shelter, since our sleeping quarters were not fortified buildings. 

As we ran towards shelter, we were stopped by one of our commanders, who swiftly communicated to us that we are not the ones being bombed, but rather jets were dropping bombs on Gaza. Relieved, we ran around the base collecting soldiers from our unit and we all made it to our unit shelter.

I was trained as an Anti-Aircraft operator, in a unit called "Eye of the Storm". I would sit inside a room, in front of monitors connected to a radar, and monitor sky traffic. Apparently, 300 bombs were dropped on Gaza in 10 minutes. It was a surprise, an awful one for them and a startling one for me. The thought of it is gut terrifying. 

This, "surprise", launched a month long war with the militant government Hammas. Me and my unit remained protected under a shelter, rotating shifts and undergoing war schedules (serving 7 days, staying at home for 7 days, this way we can rest from such stressful times).

My first Astral Projection happened after a 6am shift. 

One early morning, after completing a rather short 6 hour shift (from midnight to 6am), I was so exhausted that my physical body was literally less "attached" to my astral body. If you can relate to that feeling, when you are so tired, that when you lay down flat, you feel yourself melt endlessly into the surface you're on. I felt that way, as I crashed on my sleeping bag and melted into a dream.

In the dream, I recall being in a room with friends from my unit. They are all having a good time. I suddenly become weak, and I fall to the floor. I feel ridiculous; as if I am laying on the floor pretending to have fallen and waiting for someone to take notice. No one cares. Though, suddenly I feel myself become lighter than air and a distinct sensation of "leaving my body". 

Wow! As my eyes are close, I am flying in incredible speeds. Somewhere. Maybe nowhere. I decide it is time to open my eyes. As I do, I see myself flying above dark streets. Street lamps lit, and a military pickup truck zooms by. I travel left, and I float above a metallic gray shed, surrounded by low level buildings. A truck, bare of its back carrier, is under the shed, and I float downwards to it, through the metallic shed. 

As I float into the truck's passenger seat, I observe a white ray of light. I reach out and touch it. This ray of white light moves onto my hand and into my heart. I float out of the truck and start sinking into the ground. I see the white gravel and many insects, like spiders and centipedes, rising up from the ground and come towards me. Everything is high definition. I then wake up.

This marked the beginning of my Astral Projection exploration.

Once I had this first Astral Projection, a whole belief system melted away and I was left baffled at what this means to my existence. It ignited in me a strong urge to self educate myself about everything. I felt lied to. I felt my parents can't teach me anything any longer, since they failed to inform me of this intrinsic truth.

I took it upon myself to educate myself about the esoteric and metaphysical knowledge. I spent hours reading books about the Mayan calendar and prophecies, as well as, learning about Reiki and practicing it with my brother. I spent hours learning about the energetic anatomy, and experimenting with techniques, as well as meditating with and without crystals.


I have since experienced many more Astral Projections, with plenty of lessons taught by friendly entities as well as Animal spirits. 

My experience of Astral Projection was not limited to Dream projection only. I have experienced multiple times the conscious separation of my Astral body from the physical body.

My experiences range from fully opening my third eye, to waking up in a parallel world, and even to learning techniques in dream conditions. 

The last year, of 2014, I have explored and perfected a technique I have shared openly on youtube. I call it, The ART of WAKING UP.

Since my awakening to the truth of my essence, I have been Self Mastering myself in many areas, attempting to catch up with what I believe my evolution could be. So I have been investigating nutrition for the last 3 years.

I am currently working alongside Michael Grubb on the online Self Mastery University called Evolved Ministry. I have designed and constructed a Nutrition Self Mastery curriculum, designed to supply a serious Self Mastery practitioner with the basic concepts that will empower him to receive advance material for Self Healing of himself and of a Community.

Deepest blessings,
Joel David Jacobson

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