Thursday, December 6, 2012


There is more and more evidence that many staple foods we were pushed to consume were definitely not on our evolutionary plate. Our ancestors were omnivores, the prime animals to sample and thrive on all their environment. Beginning with plants and evolving to eat meet and fish, we find that all these supplements into our diets early on helped shape the mechanisms and pathways that maintain our intracellular and subatomic stability and beneficiary function.

 The paleolithic era of human evolution, which spans a 2.5 million years of evolution, was characterized by a hunter and gatherer diet. Wild game, fish, the occasional eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and mostly thriving on fat as a main source of caloric energy. There are twice the calories in fat than in carbohydrates or protein, and most of the organs in the human body prefer to run on saturated fat from our diet.

Saturated Fat has been attacked by the corporations agenda to push products like soy oil, corn oil, sunflower and safflower oils, but we simply do not run well on them. Malnutrition does not occur like magic, it takes months and years of depriving the essential building blocks of biological machinery to exhibit adverse consequences of consuming malnourished produce (like in the case of Conventional Mono-cultural and Agricultural practices). However, abstinence from GMO produce and consuming Organically grown food have demonstrated swift recoveries, like magic. Why?

Plants can be malnourished as well. Organic practices rotation of crops in order to perpetually maintain soil equilibrium. Nutrients, like zinc, selenium and copper, that are continually replenished in the ground are taken up by the plant and past down to whomever digests them. Conventional agriculture exhausts essential nutrients in the ground and end up having to bombard their crops with synthetic supplements. They eat synthetic, you eat synthetic.

These three essential nutrients (i.e. Zinc, Copper and Selenium) are key components that our Innate Subatomic Defense System requires in adequate amounts in order to be created and carry out their antioxidant role. Replenishing these minerals is highly important in your journey to reduce oxidative stress from free radicals, thus preventing or resolving inflammation, thus promoting an environment for the cell to switch it's behavior to that of a thriving cell, of which can collectively function in it's community to carry out larger roles of organs and eventually the entire animal form.

Basically, starving on a cellular level eats away at the entire body, but because it's microscopic it rusts slowly and with passing time the animal form will be of an old and degenerating being. It's interesting to ponder, how we are born into a physical world and we have to learn in the physical world how to maintain a physical form. We lost a lot of knowledge on the way, who knows what was stored in the libraries of Alexandria and what our ancestors knew that we have the bible describing physical ancestors who thrived for hundreds of years. Was the expulsion from the Garden of Eden not our sudden wakening up to our surroundings but the amnesia that befell on human kind?

One thing is certain, scientist are able to observe nature and carry out clinical trial that are forming our New Libraries of Alexandria. The ample knowledge that can be pulled out and spread out to better humans and animals all around our unified plant. Our health comes from food, whether mentally, emotionally or physically, but our foods health depends on us. As a species dominating this plant, we have destroyed that cycle and it can only be maintained if the one that depends becomes responsible for all.

Sources of Zinc, Copper and Selenium can be found in leafy greens (like Kale, Mustard and Chard) as well as in Nuts and Seeds. Almonds also contain CoQ10, a very important antioxidant and machine that is found in the mitochondria in it's creation of ATP energy. The same energy that drives other processes in the cell that cannot function without it. Brazil nuts are high in Selenium, so make sure if you eat any, just about 2 a day. Other sources; Walnuts (Omega 3 fatty acids), Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds. Soaking over night will enhance the quantity and quality of the nutrients in your nuts and seeds.

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