Sunday, December 9, 2012

Discussion #1

Should we be adopting a vegan/vegetarian diet as a short term therapy?

We are Omnivorous lifeforms. The human body is a result of plant formation leading to bacterial formation, which leads to plant lifeforms sustainablity, which then makes multicellular lifeforms possible. Each feeds the next, and multicellular organisms return their waste products back to the plant for recycling. 

Our bodies require certain minerals in adequate amounts in order for our Subatomic Defense System to fully function and combat free radical creation and imbalance. The Plant Kingdom is our gateway for detoxification, while the Animal Kingdom is our gateway for Sexuality and Lipid accessibility for growth.

If you are familiar with the Gerson Therapy and watched the documentary [The Gerson Miracle], you are definitely aware of the Plant Kingdom's powerful effects on illnesses and degenerative diseases of all kind. Their ability to replenish the animal's innate Subatomic Defense System has proven effective in humans already. Drinking a few cups of vegetable juice a day has an effect of flooding our whole system to a great degree as to relieve cellular stress from free radicals and allowing the cell to switch back to expressing genes that promote formation of machines and mechanisms that repair itself.

However, as far as the benefits of a full blown vegetable diet gives, we miss many important vitamins and nutrients from feeding on animal products. Like amino acids essential in formation of those innate Subatomic Defense System machines (e.g. Methionine in SAM-e and formation of Glutathione). Also the essential Vitamin B12 that is important in Homocysteine conversion to Methionine and thus averting Homocysteine's role in Atherosclerosis.

From an Evolutionary stand point, we fed on the Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Both sustained us and nourished us, but we have been exposing our intracellular environments to malnourished Kingdoms, thus a simple reduction of defense capabilities. If we practice feeding our plants chemicals, we practice nourishing our cells chemicals. If we choose the Organic Cycle, we can be consuming Kingdoms that in them are nourished cells with adequate minerals and vitamins, of which passes on to us and we expel it eventually to replenish our land.

Have we a tool for deep cellular healing?
Would you adopt a vegan or vegetarian therapy? Is it even possible considering Methionine is found in mostly animal products but also in sesame seeds? 
Would be need to revise our perception of vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, and mature a perspective of unity of both Kingdoms? Gerson therapy sounds like a miracle, and they do not require you to quit animal products. All you do is dose yourself with high quality organic nutrients and vitamins.

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