Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Mitochondria Speaks

To the lords of the multicellular organism, Greetings.

I was once a singular organism and billions of years ago I formed a community with others to form a eukaryote cell. However, you, my lord, are forgetting to take care of my needs and thus my world is falling apart. I remember times of abundance, when you supplied me with ample nutrition and machinery that would help me keep up my pace with your multi-taskful way of life.

I plead to you, stop this madness. You are harming me and thus you experience a reduction in energy throughout your day. I require certain nutrients and only you are capable of supplying them to me. My structure withers under the stress of your demands. My key machinery are incapable of withstanding the violent species that threaten to oxidize my structure. I implore you, I die slowly as you munch away at evil food.

I have spoken to all my fellow organelles and we have declared this our dark ages. You call yourself human, stemming from a word that even a fool would recognize as kind and considerate, but even the fool can not be fooled forever. The emptiness of your soil is the lack of nutrients to me. I must have adequate sustenance to function. Do you not hear my reasoning? would you stand idly by while you satisfy your addictions and cravings for euphoria? have you forgotten your early days, as you had ample energy to explore and be merry?

Your choice of a nutrient supply has been obscured by evil. You have a deep connection to an evolutionary blueprint, one of which I am included. The machinery in me and in my environment depend on your remembrance in the linage of life on the higher plain of your existence. Your lord, the planet, requires it's machinery to harmonize its waves and winds. Remember the time when you, my lord, had known your place and the plant kingdom's place in my health?

The violent species at my doors are out of control, while you pursue earthly creativity and emotional attachments. You cannot flee from your responsibilities for too long, as old age will manifest on your mirrors and you will recall that organelle you mistreated.

Heed my plea, use the power of the plant kingdom for my health and I will reward you with the energy you require to move rocks and shape pyramids. I am omnipresent, you can find me in your brain cells, in your liver cells and in your reproductive cells. I give you the chance to explore this universe on a multi-cellular plain of perception. Your perspective of life is highly influenced by my capacity to function, and I am definitely dependent on your generosity.

If it is knowledge you lack and understanding you require, I can speak for myself as I know my needs. My machinery, the same tools that require your attention, are missing a source of electrical charge. You once walked barefoot on your lord, the planet, and it incessantly connected you to the electrical charge it receives from the celestial lord, the Sun. This same charge flows in all plants, as long as they are in a conductive reach to the earth, and you can replenish your own machinery through them. Throwing away your foot coverings is not so easy for you, then replenish my machinery with the power of the planet kingdom.

The nutrients that I require to build such machinery can not be found easily in the plant kingdom, and so you must recognize your omnivore nature and supply these building blocks from the Animal kingdom. I hear that this is difficult to many of you. That taking an Animals life is morally stressful, but you treat the plant kingdom in such a way. Your perception of life and death is misunderstood, thus you take for granted a killing of a plant. Maybe because the plants or it's offspring doesn't have a heart to stop or lungs to collapse?

My degradation is a result of your choice, my lord. I am but another organelle in your cell, one that gives you the gift of life, energy. Live up to your responsibilities, as the governor of all cells, indiscriminately. Bring upon us a golden age of prosperity by supplying us with abundance. Give abundance and you shall receive abundance. Throw away the poisons that you have been made to believe are actual food. Increase your quality of life, by strengthening your connection to the sources that replenish your cellular charge and building blocks. 

Would you hear my plea? Will you answer for yourself or for others?

The Mitochondria

P.S always at your service, but I might need a few days off of work to recover from this disastrous diet you have. You probably should use a walking stick or just stay in bed with me... I promise we can relax together.

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