Saturday, December 15, 2012

Intracellular Defense System Overview

Your physical body is made of trillions of cells. Every cell is specialized to function in a certain way in order to fulfill a grandeur role. Each cell has a minimum requirement in order to keep the free radicals created by cell respiration at bay by the Subatomic Defense System. Essential nutrients, like selenium, zinc, copper, amino acid Methionine and more provide a functional mechanism of defense down to the subatomic and molecular plain of existence. Once adequate nutrition has been supplied, repair occurs due to the cells return to a normalized state. Keeping oxidative stress at bay promotes cell prosperity and system wide recovery. 

Our Immune System is our Intracellular Defense System.

Promoting balance to the Subatomic Defense System strengthens all types of cells, including immune cells. Fortification of the Subatomic plain and adherence to a nutritional supply of essential nutrients that are the building blocks for membrane health and protein synthesis, results in a super immune cell. Immune cells, like the pack-man type (macrophage), have antioxidants in their cellular environment, like Vitamin E. A supply of vitamin C has been found to replenish vitamin E, by converting it's oxidized state back to a "reduced" state (which makes them function as an antioxidant once more).

The environment inside your body has a police force that acts also as the garbage disposal service. Macrophages don't just eat up and disassemble bacteria and viruses but make sure the blood stream, their highway, is clean and only 'recognized' biological machines (like red blood cells) are present. However, a weakened immune cell has a weakness to foreign entities, and in this game of survival it is not so much as the quantity of police force but the quality. Just like a police officer in a crowd of violent zombies would be better prepared to engage if he has an armor to protect him. What good can a police officer be if he is harmed and weakened when he has tens of thousands more foreign invaders to engage and haul away.

Certain foods we consume that are not part of our evolutionary diets (i.e. paleolithic diet) stimulate secretion of a regulatory protein called Zonulin, which makes the tight junctions between cells in your gut and blood-brain barrier loosen up and form a gap or "hole". This is called a Leaky Gut and it allows foreign substances to skip the filtration system needed in your gut in order to regulate the intake of nutrients as well as to prevent heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and undigested food from crossing over. Cereal grains have been found to stimulate this protein, as well as Milk.

Approximately 85% of your immune system is found in your gut. It is very important to quit consuming those type of foods and fortify your immune system via fortification of your Subatomic Defense System. Your immune system will interact with undigested proteins, tag it, and scavenge for it. If that type of protein sequence, which isn't too harmful, resembles a sequence found anywhere else in your body, then your immune system will falsely attack it. This is called an Autoimmune Disease, and both Gliadin (from Gluten) and Casein (from Milk) have been correlated to produce such reactions. Like incomplete digestion of Casein A1, which produces Beta-Casomorphin-7, has been found to cause Type 1 Diabetes. Babies that are weaned off milk return to consume what develops later on as Childhood Diabetes.

Your immune system is smart. It has to be in order to keep up with the demands and pressure of "modern" lifestyles. However, it falls short if you keep feeding it a diet deficient in essential nutrients. Dark green leafy vegetables, soaked nuts and seed, are both excellent sources of nutrients that fortify your INNATE Subatomic Defense System. Many other vegetables have their own antioxidants that replenish your storage's and most definitely heal your gut. Don't forget that Organic is the better choice, as there is 40% more antioxidants found in Organic and more essential nutrients (that are usually not replenished in the conventional agricultural methods).

Your immune system is your inner body protector and it relays on a strong and health structure to its cells. Your outer body protectors, your Extracellular Defense System (i.e. Probiotic Bacteria), help your immune system in your gut by secreting Lactic Acid. This creates an environment suitable for immune cells. Consuming refined sugar feeds pathogenic bacteria, while eating Inulin containing vegetables feeds probiotic bacteria. Inulin is found in the majority of white vegetables, like garlic, onions, mushrooms, white cauliflower, leeks etc, but also in ginger and bananas.

I hope you came out of this article fully understanding how all Defense Systems complement each other, but more importantly how your cellular defenses relay on your innate antioxidant system. Eating healthy is choosing Organic, Evolutionary, Seasonal and Fresh to better supply an adequate exposure of your whole body to the right stress relieving chemicals. These are found in the plant kingdom, our truly detoxifying companions.

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